Meet the Stars

It is of great pleasure that we can announce a new feature at the OCIS student website.

Meet the stars…The “Meet the Stars” is a series of interviews with noted OCIS scholars and practitioners. The purpose is to provide the OCIS doctoral student community to virtually interact with the OCIS scholars/practitioners and learn about and from the best in the field. We will learn various perspectives/ideas regarding research, doctoral education, and business practice, from people who are good at doing it.

The “star interviews” will be also be built on questions posed by you. The easiest and preferrable way is to post your questions as comments to our ‘meet the stars announcement posts’ which we will post in advance.

So far, we have interviewed a number of stars.  Below are links to our recent interviews:

These interviews are just the beginning.  If you have a particular person you would like to see interviewed and you think it is of interest to others, please recommend the person’s name to us. You can do this by replying with a comment to this post here.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy this feature – this is a great opportunity for all of us at this site to ask burning questions about the field, practice, research, and other areas!

Your OCIS student website admins


One Response

  1. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Compeau at AMCIS 2008 in Toronto. She is very nice and willing to provide sound advice. An interview with her would be a great contribution to the site.

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