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Our primary target audience is students interested in organizational communication and information systems. Recent management graduates, those thinking about doctoral studies in management, and students in related fields are all welcome to join the conversation.

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  1. RE: Improving doctoral education process.

    The book referenced in the URL above and below is one I purchased for all my committee and wanted to purchase for all the university board, administrators, deans of all colleges, etc. but I couldn’t so afford.

    What I seek is someone or organization who can plan, coordinate and fund a panel discussion at my school with an aim to institutionally shortening time to degree without diminishing quality, not withstanding the inherent conflict of interest this creates with faculty who wish to keep trained students around to work hard.

    Subsequently, a similar panel could be hosted at ICIS.

    A few questions:
    * would the editors of the book be articulate panel participants?
    * if so, are any of the readers of this blog willing and able to connect/introduce me?
    * who can I foist the organization and fund raising on to make this happpen? 🙂

    The book:
    “Envisioning the Future of Doctoral Education: Preparing Stewards of the Discipline – Carnegie Essays on the Doctorate”
    Chris M. Golde (Editor), George E. Walker (Editor)
    ISBN: 978-0-7879-8235-5
    480 pages
    January 2006


    (I claim no proficiency in blogging so my apologies in advance for any breaches of protocol or lack of finesse or accuracy herein demonstrated).

  2. I just went through some interviews for a job as an assistant professor and I want to share some of the most popular questions. This may help people prepare for their interviews.

    Tell me about your dissertation.

    What kind of research do you plan to do in the future?

    Why did you apply to this school (university) in particular?

    Have you been to this city (that the school is in)?

    What are your professional goals?

    What kinds of classes are you comfortable teaching?

    How did your past teaching experiences go?

    What book did you use when you taught (whatever class you taught)?

    Why did you publish in the journal you published in?

    How are your advisors/did they get tenure/have they read my paper?

    Who do you plan to work with in the future?

  3. Sherae – Thanks for the list, that’s really helpful.

    I’m going to expand this into a post to make sure everyone sees it!

    Good luck with your job search.

  4. Why organizations are gung-ho about implementing Social Networking Software? What are the benefits they envision by implementing such technologies? Does Social Networking software increase social capital that is resident in the organization?

  5. Dear Israr, thanks for visiting the site and leaving a comment! I am not sure, however, if your comment is a response to Steven’s comment. Is your research about the implementation of Social Networking Software?

  6. Have you thought about this question? Why it is hard to attract students to post messages? Why do students needs encouragements to do so?

    Is it because of personality?


  7. Hi Lily,

    Yeah we actually have. That is an excellent question. I made an initial attempt to address that issue in a new entry called something like “top ten reasons to write on this blog”

    Please feel free to participate in the discussion!

  8. I recently interviewed for a non-tenure track lecturer position (hopefully temporary while I complete my dissertation). I was asked:

    How do you approach teaching different courses (i.e. a programming class versus system development course)?

  9. Hi all,

    Do you know there is a Placement for Applicants Workshop on
    Saturday, August 4th: 5:30 – 7:00pm, at Sheraton Philadelphia City Center, Mezzanine Level, Independence Ballroom.
    This session is designed for applicants. It will provide information on university hiring practices, statistics from past and current years, interview strategies, and suggestions for placement success. The session will be an interactive format and features a panel of university placement experts.

    I think it worth going.

  10. Dear jingma1977,
    Thanks for sharing this information. Would you like to create a new posting about this workshop? More people are likely to see it in a new posting, and you can make yourself eligible for the $750 contest! And oh, if you’re a first time contributor to the blog, welcome!

  11. Hi Barbara,

    That’s a very interesting interview question. We have a category for teaching. Would you like to add that comment to one of the postings about teaching so people are more like to see it, respond to it and benefit from the discussion around it? And if you’re first time writing on this blog, welcome to the blog!

  12. Hi everyone. My name is Jima and I am a college student graduating this December with a B.S. in Computer Science. I am very interested in starting a Ph.D. program in Information Systems. I’m in the process of searching for schools. Does anyone out there known how receptive schools are at accepting students without first obtaining a Master’s Degree? Do you have any suggested programs? I’ve done a lot of research as a undergrad, and I feel that if given the opportunity I would love to start a Ph.D program in Fall08.

  13. Jima — Thanks for your questions.

    There are definitely business schools that are open to accepting students without a master’s degree. Depending on what kinds of business-related courses you have taken (e.g., accounting & economics) some schools may require you to take a few more courses. Also, some schools may offer the opportunity to grant a master’s degree as part of your doctoral degree process (though there’s no real advantage to getting one if you’re getting a PhD anyway).

    Some programs are interested in students with work experience–that can sometimes be a greater concern than not having a master’s degree. Still, there are plenty of schools that accept exceptional students straight out of undergraduate studies.

    In fact, I think just about any research-focused school would be receptive to your background if you have strong faculty recommendations.

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