I’ve recently been going through a book based on Gallup data on identifying individual strengths and putting them to work in your career.  It was very interesting to see what kinds of roles and tasks are suited for different individuals, as well as the process (psychometric, cluster analysis, etc.) Gallup went through to identify these strengths.  I can now see why it so difficult to identify strong PhD candidates because any number of these combinations could lead to a strong researcher.  My top two were Input (enjoys gathering information) and Learner (I’ll let you guess), but I imagine many other strengths would be handy to have as a PhD student, such as Communicator, Focus and EnjoysWorkingVeryHardForLittlePay (ok, I made that one up).  Has anyone else taken this profile, and if so, have you been able to leverage your strenghts better for research?


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  1. Thanks for the book suggestion! I am going to try to find the book at my library and will keep you posted on how I am leveraging my strengths for research! 🙂 I’m curious – is there a questionnaire in the book that you can use to determine your profile? What are other possible researcher strengths that the book mentioned?

  2. The questionnaire is actually online, and you have to use the key from the book to take it. You may have problems with a library book since the key can only be used once. There are 32 different strengths, so many in combination could help with academic life, the list as well as the descriptions can be found at:

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