Future Stars – Valerie Bartelt

Valerie BarteltYear of the PhD program:

I am a 3rd-year PhD student in Information Systems at Indiana University.

Explain your background which has led you to the PhD program:

I took a couple of MSIS courses while I was getting a masters in Immersive Mediated Environments at Indiana University. I found the faculty at the Kelley School of Business to be very approachable. This was a big factor that played into my decision to begin a PhD program at IU.

What research areas are you interested in?

Currently, I am focusing on team collaboration and virtual teams. I also have an interest in work-life balance and virtual worlds.

What do you like to do for fun?

When I am not working on research projects, I enjoy watching DVDs on my new HDTV. I also enjoy gardening, so I am looking forward to the spring. This year, I have high hopes that my landscaping will look more dense than last year. I grew most of my flowers from seed and didn’t realize that it takes perennials much longer to grow.

Just curious – how often do you blog?

Prior to the OCIS PhD site, I didn’t blog too often. I guess I don’t see my day-to-day life as being incredibly interesting.

Mention some things that you are currently doing which is helping to make your PhD career successful.

I am trying to make sure that I have research projects going on at different stages. My goal would be to have more research projects at the initial stage than I currently do because it seems that many projects end up not working out.

Discuss some challenges that you’ve encountered in your PhD career and how are you working to overcome them.

I found the first two years of the PhD program to be very busy with coursework. I had a hard time finding time to relax. I am currently beginning to establish a better rhythm for balancing work and relaxation while in the PhD program. I think that this will be helpful for my long-term success.

What are some issues that you would like to discuss/ask fellow OCIS members (i.e. some opinions on particular research areas, the PhD program, the job search, etc.)?

I am interested in finding other people with similar research interests so that we could discuss research ideas.

Please make additional comments here:

I think that the OCIS site is a great way for PhD students to get to know each other. I hope that more discussions can take place in the future! 😉


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