Reminder: Don’t Forget your OCIS PhD Community!

Hello PhD Students!

As a reminder, the OCIS PhD blog Web site was designed to enable you to communicate with fellow PhD students. Feel free to use this site as a great resource for obtaining research tricks of the trade, for finding others with similar research interests, for getting insights into the latest cutting edge technology, etc. Don’t be shy! We hope to hear from you all!

We will keep you posted when there are new interviews in the Meet the Stars section, and on more new and exciting things going on with the site so you won’t be left out!

Happy posting,

–Valerie  🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hi
    As you posted before it’s difficult to introduce myself as a PhD. Student but I am.
    I study Sociology at the University of Cologne, Germany.
    I will be very happy to be in touch with other students and academicians.

  2. Hi Raza,

    Welcome to the OCIS PhD community! 😉


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