IT & a healthier earth

The other day I had an opportunity to attend a panel discussion by several experts on climate change and energy policy. With the 2008 presidential election only 2 weeks away, Heinz Endowments and CMU invited the panel experts to present their policy advice for our next president. I blogged about this event elsewhere. I also discussed it with my students on my teaching blog – see their reactions here. Continue reading


What I’ve been reading – Made to Stick

How do you tell a good story? What makes people listen to your ideas? Researchers, teachers, parents, and managers are constantly trying to get people (big or little) to listen to them. What makes people listen?

This is one of the best books I’ve read recently about communication. The authors make a compelling case that principles of a good movie or commercial ad can be usefully applied to selling research ideas, or getting kids or employees to do what you want them to do.

As a researcher and teacher of business management, these messages come close to heart. As soon as I finished reading the book, I wanted to read it again!

Reminder: Don’t Forget your OCIS PhD Community!

Hello PhD Students!

As a reminder, the OCIS PhD blog Web site was designed to enable you to communicate with fellow PhD students. Feel free to use this site as a great resource for obtaining research tricks of the trade, for finding others with similar research interests, for getting insights into the latest cutting edge technology, etc. Don’t be shy! We hope to hear from you all!

We will keep you posted when there are new interviews in the Meet the Stars section, and on more new and exciting things going on with the site so you won’t be left out!

Happy posting,

–Valerie  🙂