So long…

Please excuse me, this is going to be a more personal post than usual.

Just over two years ago, I wrote the first post on this blog. I really wasn’t sure who would read the blog, if we could build an audience, or how long the blog would last. Much to my delight, multiple teams of fellow students helped grow this site. It’s immensely satisfying to see traffic now averaging around 2,000 page views a month. This has been a fabulous group effort.

Alas, my direct role here now comes to an end. This has always been a group blog for and by students.

Last month, I successfully defended my dissertation at University of Maryland. I have taken a position as an Assistant Professor in the Management Information Systems department at the Fox School of Business at Temple University. (If you’re curious, I’m teaching a course on web 2.0 marketing this semester–follow the link for our course blog.)

I plan to continue being active in the OCIS division of Academy of Management and hope to see many of you at AOM (and ICIS) each year.

See you ’round!

p.s. If you use Facebook, send me a friend request: steven (at) temple (dot) edu


2 Responses

  1. Congrats and rock on, Steven. This blog has been a fun and useful part of my academic experience.

    Ok, now off to finish my dissertation 🙂

  2. Hi Steve
    Congratulations !
    All the best in your new assignment and lets keep in touch.


    Dr.Nilay Yajnik
    Professor of Information Systems
    NMIMS University , Mumbai , India

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