Managing the Transition

How do you manage the transition from doctoral student to becoming a colleague?  Does it occur gradually as you move through the doctoral program, or do automatically become a colleague only after you are conferred your degree?


Research method

It might be interesting to open up a discussion about the research methods we use. This way we can share our experiences.

To start off… i do interpretive research. Most of my research so far has been case-study based. In my most recent study, I took an ethnographic approach looking into gaming virtual environments, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed so far…

How about you? what is your method of choice? 🙂

Blog Contest – Deadline is appraoching!

Hi all,

The deadline of the contest is approaching – it’s July 18! The 5 prizes are waiting for you! You can post anything you want to know from our community and anything you wan to share with our community…

Anybody has a question about Anaheim?

Anybody has a question about doctoral consortium?

Anybody has any thought about this world??? 😉

Please post!


Yukika, on behalf of the contest team

Volunteer opportunities at AOM conference

Here’s a neat innovation for this year’s Academy of Management conference.

The 2008 AOM Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) needs your help to serve as
Roving Ambassadors and Roving Photographers on site at the Academy of
Management Annual Meeting in Anaheim.

We want to provide information to our attendees on a just-in-time basis and
we need your help. Our goal is to recruit 200 volunteers.  Please go to

for more information about how you can help.

If you enjoy taking candid pictures check out the information about
becoming a Roving Photographer at

Take photos as you attend sessions and have them uploaded onto the Annual
Meeting web pages!

I apologize for the repeat postings.  Thanks for volunteering!

Jim Spee
University of Redlands
Local Arrangements Committee Chair
AOM Anaheim 2008

I wonder what “tic tac toe” means for taking photos? (Follow the link and you’ll see what I’m talking about.)