Deciding which Conference to Attend

How do you all go about choosing which conference to attend?

I can think of some reasons, including special topics and focus of each conference, location, interviewing, and networking purposes, but are there other reasons that I am forgetting? Could you recommend strengths and weaknesses of different conferences, including AMCIS, ICIS, and OCIS, HICSS? Feel free to discuss other conferences that I may be forgetting at the moment.




5 Responses

  1. I think that budgeting is something I always consider, when I make a plan for a conference. Of course, networking and presenting papers are very important, I should be realistic. Plus, each doctoral program (or a department) has tight travel budgets for doctoral students. I like AOM, because it offers a really nice student registration fee and there are many people from various management fields that you can meet. IS conferences usually require an expensive registration fee, but it offers nice networking opportunities. As to ICIS, there are many interesting pre-ICIS workshops. Other conferences…perhaps, ECIS, PACIS, EGOS, CSCW, ASIST…? Anyone?

  2. The pre-conference workshops are a nice setting to meet people and present one’s work. The registration fee is also much cheaper than the main conference, especially the IS conferences (as Yukika mentioned). I’ve been to DIGIT twice now. The roundtable format at DIGIT is a small, comfortable setting. DIGIT also tries to wave the registration fee for doctoral students who submit their work and attend the workshop. Registration fee waivers are something to look for at any conference.

  3. I have attended AMCIS and ICIS before. I will be attending OCIS (and AOM) this year. I liked the more informal setting of AMCIS better. The sessions are smaller and it seems like you get to know people and talk to them more easily and casually. Our school has always encouraged us to attend various conferences.

    I’m not able to attend the conferences outside of the US (inclduing ICIS, AMCIS this year) since I’m on single entry F1 visa. Those of you who do, would you please elaborate more on them?

    Thanks! this is a very good topic… Maybe once we have a good number of comments we can complie a table of all the conferences mentioned and their attributes.

  4. I go to ICLS, CSCL, CSCW and GROUP. The first two are Learning Sciences conferences, and the last two are ACM. I’m in an Information School, and we’ve made a list of conferences people in our school attend:

    I wanted to go to AOM this year but was discouraged by some faculty I talked to. They thought it was too big to be useful and that participating in the doctoral consortium there wasn’t worth my travel budget. I think maybe they just take ACM conferences more seriously than any others – a legacy of the computer science bit, I guess. I’m trying to get to know people outside the iSchools, and now I’m regretting my decision to skip AOM.

  5. Libby, yeah, AOM is definitely a conf to go to if you are not hardcore computer scientist… much more diverse. I like the fact that AOM and AMCIS are next to each other so I only do one travel from Europe for both. Well, I am not attending any this year, but next year I am on the road again 😉

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