So, who’s going to Anaheim, who’s going to Toronto and who’s going to both? 

I enjoyed both conferences last year, I even attended OCIS doctoral consortium at AOM. Amazing experience – everything, the consortium and the conferences. Social networking par excellence. Well, and couple of great presentations, too. I will not be going to any this year, as I need to wrap up my thesis and some other obligations, but I was wondering we could chat here about 2009 events… any firstgoers, shoot any questions you might have… any “alumni”, share your secrets for a great experience!  🙂

BTW: Does your school encourage you going to these conferences??  Cause I sometimes get a feeling that some of the supervisors/departments/schools actually discourage attending conferences (too costly) !?


2 Responses

  1. Clemson encourages us to attend the “big” conferences, like Academy and ICIS – maybe AMCIS if we have the money.

  2. I went to all three of them last year… For my specific research interest, I found Academy most useful, followed by ICIS and then AMCIS.

    For non-academic experience, I liked Keystone (AMCIS) to be most rewarding. Beautiful and serene.

    For networking purpose, ICIS was great (as it was very cold in Montreal, most of the participants stick to conference schedule 🙂 )

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