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We need your help one last time in the Student Blog Participation Contest. This step is perhaps the most fun of all!

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MyNetResearch Doctoral Awards

MyNetResearch Doctoral Awards has been established to provide support to
doctoral students.  In 2008, the award will recognize three (3)
outstanding doctoral students from any discipline and from any country.
These international awards will be awarded for the three most outstanding
and innovative research ideas with the potential to lead to advancements
in their respective fields of study.  The submitted short articles should
be detailed in 1,500 words or less and may cover original work on
theoretical models, experimental design, research findings, or inventions.
The grant awards may be used in any way that furthers the student’s
doctoral research, including presentation and publication costs of the
completed dissertation.
For guidelines visit:


Going to AMCIS?

Anyone going to AMCIS? How about the AMCIS doctoral consortium? I’ll be at the consortium and conference… Hooray!

Deciding which Conference to Attend

How do you all go about choosing which conference to attend?

I can think of some reasons, including special topics and focus of each conference, location, interviewing, and networking purposes, but are there other reasons that I am forgetting? Could you recommend strengths and weaknesses of different conferences, including AMCIS, ICIS, and OCIS, HICSS? Feel free to discuss other conferences that I may be forgetting at the moment.




So, who’s going to Anaheim, who’s going to Toronto and who’s going to both? 

I enjoyed both conferences last year, I even attended OCIS doctoral consortium at AOM. Amazing experience – everything, the consortium and the conferences. Social networking par excellence. Well, and couple of great presentations, too. I will not be going to any this year, as I need to wrap up my thesis and some other obligations, but I was wondering we could chat here about 2009 events… any firstgoers, shoot any questions you might have… any “alumni”, share your secrets for a great experience!  🙂

BTW: Does your school encourage you going to these conferences??  Cause I sometimes get a feeling that some of the supervisors/departments/schools actually discourage attending conferences (too costly) !?

Contest Deadline – Extended!

Responding to several requests, the deadline of the contest has been extended to 7/25 (11:59pm)!



on behalf of the contest committee

Looking for Jobs

Where do you look for OCIS-related academic positions? A few sites I keep on tab include the Chronicle of Higher Ed and AIS Placement Services.