2008 AOM.OCIS Student Blog Contest

Attention Doctoral Students 🙂

Last year, we had a lot of great feedback on our blog contest! So…(as some of you already expected…?) The contenst will be on again! Yes!

Would you like to connect with future colleagues from all around the world?
Are you interested in research topics related to organizational communication or Information Systems?

The OCIS division of Academy of Management is pleased to announce a blog contest where you can earn one of 5 prizes (sponsored by Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business) –each worth $150–for doing what you want to do anyway!

Curious? Here’s how to get started.

  1. Subscribe to site updates via email. You’ll get a single short email any day there’s a new post here. That way you won’t miss any contest announcements and you’ll know whenever there’s a new post to comment on.
  2. Send an e-mail to the site administrator letting them know what email address you’d like a WordPress invite sent to so you can post and comment with an official WordPress account. [This will maximize your chances of winning.]
  3. Read the 2008 Contest Guidelines and Rules for even more details. The general gist is, students can win a $150 prize package (AOM student membership, AOM student meeting registration + shirt) just by writing new posts or commenting on the existing ones here!

Best of luck to you in the contest. We’re glad you stopped by, we hope to see you again soon!!!


3 Responses

  1. This was good stuff last year. I was one of the prize winners, and I must say, that this was all fun. Well, not that I had to do anything special – just did what I was doing anyway, replying to interesting stuff, commenting interesting articles, etc.etc. … and the ceremony at OCIS gathering AOM was also good — especially for building up the network… many senior members approached later in the social parts of the evening, cogratulated and talked to me.
    All in all, fun. ;)))

  2. […] the contest winners: Vote Now! We need your help one last time in the Student Blog Participation Contest. This step is perhaps the most fun of […]

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