There’s an election underway

Bumped — elections will end soon. If you haven’t voted yet, don’t forget to vote!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. There’s an election underway: Academy of Management division elections, that is.

If you are a member of Academy of Management, you should have received the announcement on voting. I’ve repeated it below as a helpful reminder. (If you’re not a member, it’s a screaming deal for students. Go ahead and join, you’ll be glad you did. It’s worth it for the journal subscriptions alone.)

Dear Worldwide Members of the Academy of Management,

The 2008 Division and Interest Group Elections website is open and ready for your participation.

Please vote now:

You will need to log-in using your last name and your member ID# as password.

The consolidated division and interest group election process provides a secure, simple way to vote in the elections for the divisions and interest groups that you belong to … all in one place! You may cast votes in all elections at one time, or re-enter the site and vote in each election as your schedule allows. After voting in each division or interest group election, you will not be able to vote in that election again or change a vote once it is cast. Only those division and interest groups in which you hold current membership will appear on your screen.

We encourage you to participate in this important effort to choose the future leaders of your division(s) and interest group(s). Most elections close by May 16, so please vote today!

Thank you,

          Academy of Management


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  1. Vote for Vinay as Student Rep!

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