Good advice from the developer of WordPress

Matt Mullenweg

In mid-April, I was fortunate enough to attend a symposium and awards banquet at my future employer, the Fox School of Business at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’ll be joining the Management Information System department in Fall, 2008. One of their annual events is a prestigious Information Technology Awards Reception.

Much to my delight, one of the three industry winners was Matthew Charles Mullenweg, Founder and Primary Developer, Automattic Inc., the person and company behind the development of WordPress — the very same blogging platform that powers our blog!

It was a joy to hear his comments in an afternoon symposium, a business model built around “giving away your product for free” is a new, novel, challenging environment with countless opportunities for Information Technology researchers.

At the evening Awards Banquet I remembered to turn my camera over to video mode in time to capture about half of Matt’s speech. This short portion provides a flavor of the inspirational message this ambitious 24-year-old college drop-out captured the audience’s attention with.

Matt’s advice, akin to Joseph Campbell’s “follow your bliss”, is good advice indeed. It is a blessing when your job and your calling are one in the same.

The dark-haired head moving across the screen at the end of the video is my future colleague Youngjin Yoo, also an award recipient that evening (in the Faculty Research category). Here’s a final picture of Matt Mullenweg and Youngjin Yoo waiting for the ceremony to start.

Matt Mullenweg and Youngjin Yoo


2 Responses

  1. Steven, I don’t see the link to the video…

  2. Hmmmm. Thanks for the heads up. Sure enough, no video whatsoever… it sure did look different on my machine when I posted it.

    Maybe WordPress doesn’t direct Youtube embeds? Let’s try this again.

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