OCIS Doctoral Consortium 2008 – Update

Here is the update regarding the OCIS Doctoral Consortium 2008! Any questions or thoughts…?

OCIS Doctoral Consortium Call for Applicants

The OCIS (Organizational Communications and Information Systems – http://ocis.aomonline.org/) division of the Academy of Management is pleased to announce the 2008 Doctoral Consortium, to be held in Anaheim, CA, August 8-9, 2008. The consortium will provide an opportunity for doctoral students to network, receive feedback on their research, and discuss career issues. PhD students working on research in the areas of Organizational Communication and Information Systems are invited to apply. The deadline for applications is May 15th, 2008. Applicants will be notified of outcome by May 22, 2008.

Doctoral Consortium Dates and Times

* Friday, August 8, 2008, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

* Saturday, August 9, 2008, 9:00am – 5:30pm

Confirmed Faculty Advisors for the Doctoral Consortium

* Brian Butler, University of Pittsburgh

* Kathy Chudoba, Utah State University

* Mary Culnan, Bentley College

* Samer Faraj, McGill University

* Olga Volkoff, Simon Fraser University

Application Process

Submit the following materials via email to Brian Butler (bbutler [at] katz.pitt.edu) by May 15, 2008:

1. Completed application form (below)

2. 5-page, double-spaced summary of proposed dissertation research

3. Letter of recommendation from dissertation chair/advisor

4. Curriculum vita

Any questions about the consortium should be directed to Brian Butler (bbutler [at] katz.pitt.edu).


OCIS 2008 Doctoral Consortium Application Form

DEADLINE: MAY 15th, 2008





Phone number:

1. What year are you in your PhD program?

__1st __2nd __3rd __4th __5th or more

2. Will you have completed your dissertation proposal by August 8, 2008?

__yes __no

3. Have you participated in an OCIS Doctoral Consortium in the past?

__yes __no

4. Name and Contact Information for dissertation chair/advisor:

5. To consider your application we must receive a recommendation from your chair/advisor. It should be emailed to bbutler [at] katz.pitt.edu no later than May 15, 2008. Have you asked your chair to submit a letter?

__yes __no

6. Briefly describe your research interests. (1 Paragraph)

7. Briefly describe your dissertation research, including its current status (1 paragraph).


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