Membership (Includes Ex-Doctoral Students?)

Some of us (including Seven) will soon change our status from Doctoral Student to newly joined faculty member (though arguably we will be doing same stuff)…

 Can we continue to be member of AOM.OCIS Student Site?

Should we discontinue our membership?

Do we need to (fully) disclose our change in status?

Can we be alumnus (with partial/ full rights) of AOM.OCIS Student Site?



One Response

  1. Hey Israr…. this is a ‘community’ website and all of the webmins strongly hope for all the members here to remain regular users. Some of the stuff is not going to be that very much ‘useful’ (i.e. asking for advice on what doctoral consortium is), however, when growing through your careers, once-students-now-faculty will be a rich source of advice, knowledge, insights and encouragmenet for all the new students that are coming in the next x, xx, xxx years. Also, this can be a resource that you will soon point your own students to… And looked at it from this perspective, this can be one of the ‘service’ roles each of us needs to undertake anyway throughout the career. If ‘service’ stops, the field is dead. Or expensive. ;)))

    So, yes please, everyone is more than welcome…

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