Our newly renovated AOM.OCIS Student website

Welcome to the newly renovated AOM.OCIS Student Networking Site!
The 2007-08 Student Website Committee has been hard at work updating our website. The major enhancements include:
— A new design with easier navigation and even more informative content.
— A special section with a Call for Papers (CFP) calendar that lists current CFPs for conferences and journals.
— A new “Meet the Stars” feature where we interview noted OCIS scholars and practitioners. Coming soon are interviews with Varun Grover, Eric van Heck, and M. Lynne Markus. Future “star” interviews will be built upon questions posed by you on our website. This is your opportunity to ask senior scholars and practitioners any burning questions you have about the field, practice, research, or other areas!
If you’re new to the AOM.OCIS Student Networking Site, it’s a group blog for, by, and about doctoral students interested in organizational communication and information systems. The site has three primary objectives:
1) to provide an interactive location for students to share and discuss helpful resources with one another,
2) to facilitate student interactions during the long stretch between Academy of Management conferences, and
3) to help each other navigate the trials and tribulations of entry into an academic career, including how to maximize the benefit of involvement with AOM in general and, more specifically, the OCIS division. Recent management graduates, those thinking about doctoral studies in management, and students in related fields are all welcome to join the conversation.
In short, it’s a website just for you!
Finally, please join me in thanking the website committee for all their diligent efforts with the website renovations. Well done!
The committee, led by Yukika Awazu (Bentley College, Mass., USA), also includes Peter Baloh (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Nick Roberts (Clemson University, S. Carolina, USA), Vinay Tiwari (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands), and myself.
Steven Johnson
U. of Maryland, USA

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