Spring Break?

My school is on spring break this week, which basically means the undergraduates flee to their homes or parties, leaving a ghostly campus behind. Of course, I cannot should not flee from my dissertation, so I still go to campus and work. I passed a senior professor in the hall, who jokingly remarked to me, “I see you have discovered one of the secrets of academia: there are no breaks.” This got me to thinking… is there such a thing as a vacation when doing research? If we’re working in our head, can we escape our thoughts?

Getting away from it all


2 Responses

  1. The other side of the coin for having autonomy of schedule is, indeed, the difficulty of ever “getting away.” There’s not much difference between a vocation and avocation, is there?

  2. It depends what suits each more and how far into your work do you let yourself to be dragged in. And of course, how ambitious you are.

    However, isn’t it the same with just ANY kind of job? If you really want to be a “top somebody”, 1) go and file for divorce, or 2) excercise mastership over your time and do not let anything to distract you from your real goals. However, in academia it is easy to get lulled into ‘safe and cozy haven’ picture as everyone else projects that picture in their mind onto you – even though it is not true…

    Ah well. Sometimes I want to scream I WANT MY LIFE BACK !!!!

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