Procrastination ShirtIs anyone struggling like I am with procrastination while working on the dissertation? If so, are there ways in which you sometimes overcome it? How?


Nominate an OCIS Student Representative

The nominating committee is asking for nominations for the next At-Large Student Representative on the OCIS Executive Committee. OCIS members can nominate a fellow student (or yourself) via this nifty online nomination system. Based on the nominations provided, the nominating committee will prepare a slate of 2-3 members for voting during the upcoming division elections. [You can also nominate members for other offices at the same website.]
There are two student at-large members of the OCIS Executive Committee at any given time, each serving for over-lapping two year terms–beginning and ending at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Conference).
My own tenure serving in the position will end in August, 2008. Yukika Awazu will continue serving until August, 2009. The term of the next student elected, is August, 2008 to August, 2010. The staggered terms provide greater continuity and ease the orientation process.
What does a student representative do? There is a full list of duties available on the OCIS website. In addition, student representatives have been quite active in maintaining this website.
Who is eligible to serve?Any student member of OCIS is eligible to serve. The term runs through August, 2010, so the optimal candidate (in my opinion) is someone who plans to start their post-student career no earlier than that date (e.g., they plan to be “on the market” no sooner than Fall, 2009).
Any questions? Ask away. I’ll do my best to answer them.

Funny Video – Restart WWW – Follow Up

A while ago, I posted a funny video from The Onion ( about Internet Crash. I found related (sort of) articles from and, so I wanted to share them with you guys…enjoy!

Lynn Greiner. Jan. 15, 2008. “What if the Internet Went Down…And Didn’t Come Back Up?”

Gary Anthes. Jan. 21, 2008. “The Internet is Down…Now What?”

New to OCIS – what’s AOM meeting like?

I’m new to OCIS, and I’ve never been to OCIS or AOM. I didn’t get anything ready in time for the papers deadline, but I’m thinking of attending anyway. I looked around for doctoral consortium info on the OCIS website and didn’t see anything for this year. Does anyone know if there will be one or if I already missed that deadline too?

Dissertation Committee

So my latest dissertation-related task is putting together a dissertation committee. I’m doing a survey-based field study with a post-positivist research model (“traditional” North American stuff). My specific questions are, What do you look for in a dissertation committee member (assuming you can pick your members, or at least have a say in the process)? and How many committee members should you have? I ask the latter question because my advisor is leaving it up to me whether to have 4 or 5 members. Thoughts?