Conference on Offshoring & Outsourcing – Additional Financial Support for Ph.D. Students

Additional financial support for doctoral students who are interested in the conference on offshoring & outsourcing at SDA Bocconi in Milan, April 23-24, 2008…


Re: Additional Financial Support for Ph.D. Students Whose Travel Is Not Already Supported By their Universities

Conference on Offshoring & Outsourcing: The Organizational and Geographical Relocation of High-Value Company Functions at SDA Bocconi in Milan, April 23- 24, 2008.

The conference will include approximately 50 papers in all, from noted academics in several fields ranging from Economics to Strategy to MIS and promises to advance our understanding of outsourcing and offshoring strategies and their global impact on firms and countries.

We are pleased to announce additional travel support for one or two Ph.D. students to attend the Milan conference, especially if their doctoral research touches on Outsourcing and/or Offshoring of high-value business functions.

Doctoral students may write to Prof. Vikas Kumar (SDA Bocconi, Milan) at vikas.kumar (at) unibocconi (dot) it indicating whether they have empirical results relevant to the conference theme.


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