On the market?

Is anyone on the job market this year? If so, willing to share your experience so far? I plan on hitting the market next year, and I would love to hear and learn from the mistakes experiences of others.


The joys of an academic calendar

Mr. Mark One of the things I’ve always liked about an academic calendar, going all the way back to my days in grade school, really, is the rhythm of change and renewal. Each semester brings new courses, new teachers (or students, when teaching), and new challenges. When the semester is done, it is done. There’s a sense of relief and accomplishment. Then a break of sorts followed by the excitement of another new beginning.

This Spring, as I start what I hope to be my final semester as a student, I’m largely missing that feeling. The months of working on my dissertation has its own rhythm, but has largely been undifferentiated slogging along. It’s another day, another week, of hunkering down, working hard to get it done. I don’t have the usual sense of starting anew.

How about you? Are you enjoying the excitement of a new semester?

More on the EGOS conference

Several months ago we posted the EGOS – CFP -Sub-theme 41: The Effects of Social Movements on Organizational Processes. One of the organizers, Elisa Mattarelli, was also kind enough to provide more details on the unique conference format of the EGOS conference:
EGOS is a scholarly association which aims to further the theoretical and/or empirical advancement of knowledge about organizations, organizing and the contexts in which organizations operate. It has an associated journal – Organization Studies – and holds an annual conference in July. In 2008 EGOS colloquium, entitled “Upsetting Organizations” will be hosted by VU University, Amsterdam. 

EGOS embraces diversity of all kinds, including a pluralistic approach to understanding organizations from the perspectives of business studies (such as organization and management theory, innovation, organizational behavior), social sciences (such as sociology, social history, political science, psychology and anthropology) as well as the humanities (such as philosophy, discourse analysis, literary criticism and rhetoric). The Association provides a forum for identifying and discussing key issues in organizational theory and practice. Moreover, EGOS offers a stimulating intellectual environment for younger scholars, running doctoral and post-doctoral workshops at the beginning of the annual conference.

EGOS colloquia are organized in 3-day-long subthemes. Each subtheme has 2 to 4 “convenors” (or chairs) and sends out a call for papers. Some of the subthemes are permanent standing work groups, or, in other words, are run every year (e.g. Practice-Based Studies of Knowledge and Innovation in Workplaces). The other sub-themes are proposed anew each year.

For 2008, four members of the Academy of Management OCIS division (Suzanne P. Weisband, University of Arizona; Bart van den Hooff, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands; Elisa Mattarelli, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy; and Maria Rita Tagliaventi, University of Bologna, Italy), with the help and supervision of Pamela Hinds (Stanford University) have organized the subtheme #35: “Working Across Boundaries: The Upsetting Effects of Offshoring on the Dynamics of Knowledge Intensive Work”. In order to advance the state of research on the dynamics of offshoring of knowledge intensive work, the subtheme calls for original empirical research that uses various methods and different theoretical perspectives.

The purpose in organizing this sub-theme is to promote the internationalization of the OCIS division community and to open a fruitful dialogue with organization and IS researchers from all over the world.  

CFP: 2008 AOM Conference

As a reminder, the deadline for the 2008 AOM Conference submission is Tuesday, January 15, 2008.
If you are a student and submit a paper with all student authors (or, you are the only author!), be sure to choose the submission option saying you are eligible for student awards.
If you are submitting a solo-authored paper based on a recently completed dissertation, look into the qualification critiera for the awards — there’s one there just for you, too!

Conference on Offshoring & Outsourcing – Additional Financial Support for Ph.D. Students

Additional financial support for doctoral students who are interested in the conference on offshoring & outsourcing at SDA Bocconi in Milan, April 23-24, 2008…


Re: Additional Financial Support for Ph.D. Students Whose Travel Is Not Already Supported By their Universities

Conference on Offshoring & Outsourcing: The Organizational and Geographical Relocation of High-Value Company Functions at SDA Bocconi in Milan, April 23- 24, 2008.

The conference will include approximately 50 papers in all, from noted academics in several fields ranging from Economics to Strategy to MIS and promises to advance our understanding of outsourcing and offshoring strategies and their global impact on firms and countries.

We are pleased to announce additional travel support for one or two Ph.D. students to attend the Milan conference, especially if their doctoral research touches on Outsourcing and/or Offshoring of high-value business functions.

Doctoral students may write to Prof. Vikas Kumar (SDA Bocconi, Milan) at vikas.kumar (at) unibocconi (dot) it indicating whether they have empirical results relevant to the conference theme.