Teaching with Web technology

From ISWORLD this week. This is an interesting list.

Subject: Re: Experiments with Facebook and LinkedIn – Progress report
From: “Larry Press” <lpress [at] csudh.edu>
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2007 14:12:15 -0700
X-Message-Number: 3

Simha wrote:

> experiment to “to learn and share your knowledge about [Web 2.0] tools,
> and their role in higher education, as a networking tool for academics and
> to support teaching and other activities.”

I heartily agree that we are in the midst of a transition to the network
being a significant platform for development and applications — including
the teaching of IS.  I am currently teaching with and how to use network
services as follows:

Subscribe to a listserver (campus email system)
Create a realistic blog with custom page elements, RSS feeds, etc. (Blogger)
Create a mashup using a text to speech service (Talkr)
Create and use RSS feeds (Google Reader, Blogger)
Share images in a class project (Flickr)
Create a database application (Zoho creator)
Create composite and collaboratively written Wiki documents (PBWiki)
Create a survey (Survey Monkey)
Create a threaded discussion forum (Google Groups)
Create shared lists using social bookmarking (Del.icio.us)
Create a social network (Ning)
Create a project management application (Basecamp)
Create an online identity for an organization (Godaddy and Google Apps)
Conduct a conference call (Skype)
Edit online images (Fotoflexer), documents (Google Docs) and spreadsheets
(Google Spreadsheet)

I have many related teaching notes online, including these:

I am happy to share ideas, notes, assignments, etc. with others — how can
we use LinkedIn or Facebook to do so?  What other tools can we use to
collaborate?  For example, might teaching notes like the ones I just
mentioned be put on a wiki?



One Response

  1. Larry,
    What you’re doing sounds very interesting.
    What is your course on? Is it possible to teach a whole course on introducing these tools or are you using these tools to teach something else? Is your course at master’s level or undergrad?

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