Free Conference on Social Network

Social Networking Week

Hello Everyone…


There is a free conference on social network and social capital. The guest speaker are such illuminaries as Prof. Barry Wellman, Prof. Nan Lin, Prof. Jon Kleinberg,   Prof. Keith Hampton, Prof Tiziana Casciaro, and others.

 This is a great opportunity to witness work of this leading lights. Following are the details about conference (

@ the University of Toronto

October 30th- November 2nd, 2007


Scholars and practitioners, have been analyzing social networks for some time. With the rise of the Internet, social networks and technology networks have become linked in a way that allows the analysis of socio-technical systems, with implications for the broader academic community.


The University of Toronto has been a leading centre of social network analysis since the 1970s. The International Network for Social Network Analysis was formed here in 1976 and had its headquarters here until 1988. UofT researchers from many disciplines have contributed to the international dialogue and have played a leadership role in advancing our understanding of social network, socio-technical systems, policies, and sciences. For example, Barry Wellman at UofT made the path-breaking discovery that local communities had transmuted into far-flung networks.

Social Network/ing Week is a forum to facilitate knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary collaboration between research and industry/government participants. This event, which promises to be the first of many, includes research presentations from the Faculties of Arts and Science (sociology, computer science, physics, political science), Rotman School of Management, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and the Knowledge Media Design Institute.

We are delighted to be joined by three excellent keynote speakers to this inaugural event. Dr. Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University will start the week by delivering the Nathan and Beatrice Keyfitz Lecture. He is followed by Dr. Nan Lin, Duke University, presenting the S.D. Clark Lecture. Finally, Dr. Keith Hampton, University of Pennsylvania, will deliver the opening address for the research symposium.


This collaborative event, led by Bell University Labs, would not have been possible without the committed involvement of the Fields Institute, KMDI and the Department of Sociology– NetLab.


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