Call for Papers: Upsetting effects of offshoring

Received via email:

On behalf of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), we would like to draw your attention to the call for papers on Working across boundaries: The upsetting effects of offshoring on the dynamics of knowledge intensive work,” a sub-theme of the 24th EGOS Colloquium, Upsetting Organizations, to be held in Amsterdam, July 10-12, 2008. This EGOS sub-theme is convened by Bart van den Hooff (Vrige Universiteit, Netherlands), Elisa Mattarelli, (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy), Maria Rita Tagliavento (University of Bologna, Italy), and Suzanne Weisband (University of Arizona, USA).

Offshoring, or the relocation of knowledge intensive work and services to emerging countries, is becoming a part of our everyday social lexicon. Nevertheless, in the academic literature, we still find little empirical evidence on the implications of offshoring for organizations and knowledge workers, or on the disruptive forces that offshoring brings to local, day-to-day work practices. The objective of this sub-theme is to further the discussion on the organizational implications of offshoring of services and knowledge intensive work. Coherent with the conference’s theme, we invite contributions that focus on the upsetting effects of offshoring on organizational dynamics and routines.

The convenors of this sub-theme are members of the OCIS (Organizational Communication and Information Systems) division of the Academy of Management. Our purpose in organizing this sub-theme is to promote the internationalization of our community by providing a forum for organization and information systems researchers to discuss this topic with colleagues from around the world.

Details on this sub-theme can be found at:

Also, please check the EGOS Colloquium website:


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