What is your “five minutes” break activity?

Hi all,

Taking a break is quite important for us to focus on writing. Enjoying a fresh air, having a coffee, or reading a magazine…well, I will do all of them. I am wondering what is your favourite “five minutes” break activity…do you have something that works for you?

1. going for a walk

2. watching a movie

3. getting a coffee/tea

4. reading a novel

5. …




4 Responses

  1. Great question!

    I mostly work at home so my 5 minute breaks are often domestic chores. Boring stuff like loading or emptying the dishwasher, tending to laundry, or just tidying up.

    About once a day one of the cats in the house will insist on sitting between me and the computer screen–that makes for a 5 minute study break at a time of their choosing, of course!

  2. Like many universities, Clemson has a beautiful campus, so I usually take a stroll through it once or twice a day. I often walk across campus to a lovely coffee shop downtown. I admit – I’m a coffee-holic.

  3. It may be unusual (or is it!) but I spend my 5 mins break reading and replying to emails… (sometime that 5 mins cladenstinely becomes 25-30 mins…

    If I need slightly longer break then I go for a walk… University of Western Ontario also has very scenic campus (and especially at this time when trees are “burning” with fall colors)

  4. I go to the gym. So it’s an hour and a half break. If it’s really 5-minute, i might do the emails (as Israr says, 5 mins grows to 30 mins), or I just grab a choc bar or walk the dog… Oh yeah, and read an excerpt from a Lonely Planet guidebook – the country I plan to travel to next…

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