Free Conference on Social Network

Social Networking Week

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There is a free conference on social network and social capital. The guest speaker are such illuminaries as Prof. Barry Wellman, Prof. Nan Lin, Prof. Jon Kleinberg,   Prof. Keith Hampton, Prof Tiziana Casciaro, and others.

 This is a great opportunity to witness work of this leading lights. Following are the details about conference (

@ the University of Toronto

October 30th- November 2nd, 2007


Scholars and practitioners, have been analyzing social networks for some time. With the rise of the Internet, social networks and technology networks have become linked in a way that allows the analysis of socio-technical systems, with implications for the broader academic community.


The University of Toronto has been a leading centre of social network analysis since the 1970s. The International Network for Social Network Analysis was formed here in 1976 and had its headquarters here until 1988. UofT researchers from many disciplines have contributed to the international dialogue and have played a leadership role in advancing our understanding of social network, socio-technical systems, policies, and sciences. For example, Barry Wellman at UofT made the path-breaking discovery that local communities had transmuted into far-flung networks.

Social Network/ing Week is a forum to facilitate knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary collaboration between research and industry/government participants. This event, which promises to be the first of many, includes research presentations from the Faculties of Arts and Science (sociology, computer science, physics, political science), Rotman School of Management, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and the Knowledge Media Design Institute.

We are delighted to be joined by three excellent keynote speakers to this inaugural event. Dr. Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University will start the week by delivering the Nathan and Beatrice Keyfitz Lecture. He is followed by Dr. Nan Lin, Duke University, presenting the S.D. Clark Lecture. Finally, Dr. Keith Hampton, University of Pennsylvania, will deliver the opening address for the research symposium.


This collaborative event, led by Bell University Labs, would not have been possible without the committed involvement of the Fields Institute, KMDI and the Department of Sociology– NetLab.


2008 TIM Best Dissertation Award: Submission Deadline Jan. 31st

Announced on OCISNET

The Technology and Innovation Management division of the Academy of
Management is pleased to invite submissions for the 2008 TIM Best
Dissertation Award.  We will accept submissions based on doctoral
dissertations completed during calendar years 2006 and 2007.  We take a
broad perspective on technology and innovation including aspects of the
emergence, diffusion, adoption, commercialization, evolution and
consequences of technologies and innovations.

The award process involves two stages.  In the first stage, each applicant
submits a 5-page dissertation abstract.  A committee of experienced
scholars then selects the finalists.  In the second stage, each finalist
is invited to submit a 30-page manuscript based upon their dissertation.
The committee reviews these manuscripts, provides feedback, and selects
the best dissertation.  The winner will be announced at the 2008 Annual
Academy of Management Meetings.  All finalists will be invited to present
their work at a dedicated session during the conference and will receive a
cash award of $250.  Important details on the submission process are
posted at under the 2008 meeting information, and
the deadline for submission is January 31st 2008.

Dissertation Award Co-Chairs:

Victor Seidel
Said Business School
University of Oxford
victor.seidel [at]

David Hsu
Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
dhsu [at]

Conferences: ISOneWorld 2008

Larry PrusakThere is a nice publishing and meeting opportunity coming up for June 2008. ISOneWorld is a premier US event where academia meets practitioners and vice versa, and latest in practically relevant research is presented. Submissions (in any of the tracks) are due beginning of March 2008. The organizers, Information Institute, have confirmed that this year Larry Prusak, a world class KM researcher and consultant, is going to be acting as one of the keynote speakers. He is going to be hosting ‘audience’ – an interactive (no slides) event, a great opportunity for a constructive Bill Kingdebate in a friendly / professional / motivating environment, and, a great opportunity to meet fellow researchers and practitioners from your own field. Doug Peebles will be presenting the latest cutting edge innovations from SAP and other industry initiatives whereas Ian Angel is an excellent speaker with global experience of Security Systems. Moreover, a special session has been arranged where Professor Bill King will announce his forthcoming Springer ‘Annals of Information Systems’ volume on ‘Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning’.

I encourage you to submit your work and attend the ISOneWorld 2008 in Las Vegas, NV, USA, in June 2008 – an excellent event to catch before the AOM in August. See you there.

Group 2007 Conference at Sanibal Islands, Florida

Group 2007 Conference will be held at Sanibal Islands, Florida from 4th to 7th November. I am wondering if any of you will be attending this conference. The link to Group 2007 website is provided below… Also, I have pasted scope of conference below for those who may not know about Group’s activities.

“GROUP ’07 is interested in topics related to computer-based systems that have an impact on groups, organizations and social networks . A strong emphasis of GROUP ’07 is to foster a discourse on collaborative technology that bridges the fields of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Information Systems (IS). Relevant issues include the design, implementation, deployment, evaluation, and impact of these systems as well as examinations of relevant research methodologies.”

CFP: clusters and creative entrepreneurs (EGOS)

Invitation to EGOS 2008 Amsterdam,  Sub-theme 48 ‘A Knowledge Perspective on Emerging Clusters and the Role of Creative Entrepreneurs’

On behalf of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), we would like to invite you to attend the sub-theme ‘A Knowledge Perspective on Emerging Clusters and the Role of Creative Entrepreneurs’, which is part of 24th EGOS Colloquium: Upsetting Organizations. This Egos sub-theme is convened by Tom Elfring (VU University Amsterdam), Marleen Huysman (VU University Amsterdam), Mette Monsted (Copenhagen Business School), and Robin Teigland (Stockholm School of Economics).  


Recently, regions such as Montreal, Munich, and Amsterdam have experienced the emergence of new knowledge-intensive clusters based on innovative combinations of knowledge. These clusters are characterized by a high level of heterogeneity, consisting of firms and individuals from a variety of different industries and professions, e.g. advertisement, web design, software development, multimedia, etc. Although primarily based on anecdotal observations, researchers have observed that the emergence of these new clusters results largely due to the involvement of local creative entrepreneurs (Ruef, 2002).

   To date, however, the literature focusing on creative entrepreneurship in relation to clusters is limited. Within the cluster literature, we find an increasing focus on the social capital of the regional network in which strong ties make it easy to connect, share experiences, and field new firms and projects (Cooke, 2002). Lately, research on clusters as social networks has begun to focus on communities, investigating how tacit knowledge is shared and generated among socially embedded community members within a cluster. However, this focus on the community as the unit of analysis as well as on the role of the creative entrepreneur within clusters is still in its initial stages of development. To advance the state of research on these topics, there are several areas that require attention: Power and Conflict; the Learning Perspective; Knowledge Brokers and Integrators; and Social Network Analysis for Data Collection.

In summary, we call for original empirical and conceptual research that investigates clusters from a knowledge perspective, and in particular creative clusters and the role of the creative entrepreneur. Coherent with the conference’s theme, we invite contributions that focus on the possible upsetting consequences of connecting heterogeneous practices, knowledge fields, resources, and routines in emerging clusters. Relevant research topics related to clusters for this sub-theme can be found at:


For further information on the content of this sub-theme, please check the EGOS Colloquium website (

Reminder CFP: OASIS IFIP8.2 Pre-ICIS Workshop – submission date October 24

Organizations and Society in Information Systems: OASIS Workshop 2007
IFIP Working Group 8.2
Sheraton Hotel, Montréal, Québec, Canada9 AM – 3:30 PM Sunday 9 December 2007: A Pre-ICIS Workshop– Is your research concerned with the interaction of information
systems, organizations and society?
– Are you ready to present some of your current research ideas and approaches?
– Do you need a forum to discuss some of your concepts and/or
findings that have not yet crystallized into a formal paper?
– Would you like feedback from your peers as you move your current
work forward?
– Do you want to meet internationally respected researchers in
information systems?
If so, we invite you to present your research-in-progress at OASIS,
the IFIP Working Group 8.2 research workshop. The OASIS workshop is
open to all interested scholars and professionals doing research in
the area of organizations, information systems and society. Along
with members and friends of IFIP WG 8.2, we welcome researchers new
to, or interested in, intensive research in IS.
Come get to know our members and their research interests, issues,
and methodologies in a relaxed and supportive setting. The unique and
collegial character of WG 8.2 ensures constructive, helpful and high
quality feedback. OASIS is a particularly useful forum for those just
embarking on their research who need constructive advice on research


To present, please submit a 500-word abstract of your work to
ifip82 at by 24 October 2007. We anticipate that submitters
will be given about 8-10 minutes to present their work to the
assembled group, followed by a brief question period. The exact
timing and review process will depend on the number of abstracts
received. Proposals will be made available online prior to the
meeting. Authors submitting proposals must grant the IFIP WG 8.2 the
right to publish them online, but retain all other copyrights.


There will be a nominal registration fee for the workshop to cover
the cost of coffee breaks, audio-visual equipment and copying. All
attendees and presenters will be required to register. Details will
be provided on the IFIP WG 8.2 website,

Please email any questions regarding this workshop to Catherine
Middleton, Workshop Chair: ifip82 at

Call for Papers: Upsetting effects of offshoring

Received via email:

On behalf of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), we would like to draw your attention to the call for papers on Working across boundaries: The upsetting effects of offshoring on the dynamics of knowledge intensive work,” a sub-theme of the 24th EGOS Colloquium, Upsetting Organizations, to be held in Amsterdam, July 10-12, 2008. This EGOS sub-theme is convened by Bart van den Hooff (Vrige Universiteit, Netherlands), Elisa Mattarelli, (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy), Maria Rita Tagliavento (University of Bologna, Italy), and Suzanne Weisband (University of Arizona, USA).

Offshoring, or the relocation of knowledge intensive work and services to emerging countries, is becoming a part of our everyday social lexicon. Nevertheless, in the academic literature, we still find little empirical evidence on the implications of offshoring for organizations and knowledge workers, or on the disruptive forces that offshoring brings to local, day-to-day work practices. The objective of this sub-theme is to further the discussion on the organizational implications of offshoring of services and knowledge intensive work. Coherent with the conference’s theme, we invite contributions that focus on the upsetting effects of offshoring on organizational dynamics and routines.

The convenors of this sub-theme are members of the OCIS (Organizational Communication and Information Systems) division of the Academy of Management. Our purpose in organizing this sub-theme is to promote the internationalization of our community by providing a forum for organization and information systems researchers to discuss this topic with colleagues from around the world.

Details on this sub-theme can be found at:

Also, please check the EGOS Colloquium website: