Accomodation at ICIS

Hello everyone,

I was looking for inexpensive accomodation for ICIS (Montreal) and followed organizers’ suggestion about sharing a hotel room. I found following deal quite reasonable.

Hilton Hotel is around 150 meters from conference hotel (Fairmont). The 2 Double Bedroom can accomodate 4 persons and total cost is 788.54 for four nights (8-12 Dec). If four of us share the cost then it will be less than $200 for each one of us… Only hitch is we need to pay upfront and it is non-refundable.

Please let me know if any of you are interested.

Alternatively, if any of you have already booked a room and have space available then it will be my pleasure to share it.



4 Responses

  1. Anyone who’s going to ICIS, I can only recommend Israr as a roomate.

    We’ve shared a room at AOM 2007 in Philly and he was a blast.


  2. Thank Peter…

    I haven’t found any takers yet…

    Does anyone have a space in shared occupancy?

  3. Hi, this is Simon.
    I am from Hong Kong.
    Can I share a room with you?

  4. Hello Simon,

    Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I have already talked to another person… However, if you do not find any suitable place please let me know… (I have booked a big room which officially can accommodate four individuals as it has two double beds… and right now we are only two in that room…)

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