A Graduate Student Dilemma

How do you deal with this expectation management challenge?

PHD Comics: Doing the impossible


A new semester

September is preparing to yield to October. My calendar says the first day of Fall recently occurred, so Spring just arrived for our southern hemisphere readers, too. All this means a new semester is well underway for most of us.

Now that I’m in my fifth and final year of doctoral studies this semester is quite different for me. Last Friday I started the semester with a bank: I successfully defended my dissertation proposal! 🙂

One of the students toward the end of her coursework asked me how long it took to write. My first answer was, four years. Of course, that’s not really true.

Many of the almost 20,000 words didn’t get put down on paper until the final weeks before the manuscript was submitted to the committee. The ideas themselves, though, did indeed come from the first four years of my doctoral studies.

When I applied for and entered this program, my best guess was I would research an area closer to the work I had down during my professional career–perhaps something related to the management of IT, software development or the software industry. Instead, around the end of the first semester I began to give serious thought to studying online groups. Multiple class papers and conference presentations on the related topics definitely informed my dissertation proposal: “Impact of Leadership on Continued Participation in Online Groups”.

I’ll be spending this semester diligently executing the plan I agreed to with my committee to complete my dissertation research. What new challenges and opportunities does this semester bring for you?

Plan Ahead: European Group for Organizational Studies 2008 Colloquium

The European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) is holding their 24thColloquium from July 10–12, 2008 at Vrije University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The colloquium theme is Upsetting Organizations. The submission deadline for abstracts is January 13, 2008.

The colloquium is organized by sub-theme. Unlike a conference where you move from session to session across various conference tracks, in the EGOS colloquium, you attend a sub-theme. It is like a multi-day workshop where you hear multiple papers in the sub-theme of the colloquium.

There is one sub-theme in particular that will be of special interest to OCIS members. Sub-theme 35: Working Across Boundaries: The Upsetting Effects of Offshoring on the Dynamics of Knowledge Intensive Work.

The convenors of this sub-theme are members of the OCIS (Organizational Communication and Information Systems) division of the Academy of Management. Our purpose in organizing this sub-theme is to promote the internationalization of our community and to open a fruitful dialogue with organization and IS researchers from all over the world.

Accomodation at ICIS

Hello everyone,

I was looking for inexpensive accomodation for ICIS (Montreal) and followed organizers’ suggestion about sharing a hotel room. I found following deal quite reasonable.

Hilton Hotel is around 150 meters from conference hotel (Fairmont). The 2 Double Bedroom can accomodate 4 persons and total cost is 788.54 for four nights (8-12 Dec). If four of us share the cost then it will be less than $200 for each one of us… Only hitch is we need to pay upfront and it is non-refundable.

Please let me know if any of you are interested.

Alternatively, if any of you have already booked a room and have space available then it will be my pleasure to share it.


CARMA Research Methods Lectures

Hope everyone spent a great summer! Well, it’s now September…the summer was gone very quickly…as usual.

Just wanted to know whether anyone who attended or know about the CARMA Research methods workshop. It looks very interesting program (Web: http://www.pubinfo.vcu.edu/carma/default.asp). If anybody knows about it, please share your experience…

Also, if anybody knows other workshops about research methods, please let us know! 🙂