AMCIS 2007 – photo gallery

(photograph taken by Dennis Galletta, AIS president)

This year’s AMCIS took place in the beautiful Keystone resort in Colorado. Although I got really sick from the altitude (almost 10,000 feet), got very lost in the mountains, and missed the social event “A Taste of Colorado” because of my flight, I have to say I still had a great, great time!

(To see more photos from AMCIS 2007, please click here – some of them are from Martin Yu and Dennis Galletta)

The conference setting was gorgeous, and the food extremely delicious!

At the doctoral consortium, we saw a few lovely hummingbirds when lunching on the porch.

I really liked the conference souvenir this year- it’s a bunch of spices for rubbing!

I attended some really nice presentations (e.g., virtual information systems by Molly Wasko, and why firms use information systems by Burt Swanson), met people with similar research interests, and truly enjoyed Dennis’s presidential address (by far the funniest presidential address I’ve ever seen) during Saturday lunch!

(Saturday lunch was yum)

As always, I met great people and spent quality time with fellow doctoral students and/or bloggers (e.g. Peter Baloh, Carolyn Holton, Dongback Seo, and many, many others).

Apparently I missed a great party – “A Taste of Colorado” was a concert with a live band and dinner party by the lake where academics danced and drank to music and fireworks!

(by Martin Yu)

(by Dennis Galletta)

Like Colorado’s sunshine, the conference was impressive and unforgettable. If you attended AMCIS, did you have a good time? What did you get out of it?

(To see more photos from AMCIS 2007, please click here – some of them are from Martin Yu and Dennis Galletta)


6 Responses

  1. Rachel,

    Great pictures!!! Thanks!!!


  2. Lovely pics that makes one sad about not having been to AMCIS!

  3. […] setting, great conference, excellent networking. More photos by Rachel Chung here. The place is all one resort, hence, the cost of living there and getting there were enormous. Big […]

  4. Well… the fireworks got me thinking for sure…

  5. Couple a days ago AIS members received our president’s message…

    Professor D Galletta thanked to the AMCIS organizers, volunteers, staff, and everyone who got anything to do with the conference. I agree and express my thankfullness to them – organizing such an important event is not a joke.

    I am also glad to hear that not only the double vivid rainbow was provided free of charge to the organizers – the fireworks which got me thinking about my hole in the wallet 🙂 were free of charge, too.

    It’s great to hear that there are still donators (in this case I guess the Keystone resort) who understand troubles and the purpose of academia.

    It is also great to hear that AIS, as per president’s message, is creating new e-accessible-journals and is keeping the journal discounts and discounts to citizens of less affluent countries. Besides all the other fortchoming and ongoing AIS initiatives, all this is welcome and needed, to make the world a better place…

  6. Good post about Keystone! If you want to read more news about what is happening at Keystone check out our page that monitors the latest informative and whacky news happening at the resort and surrounding areas.

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