AOM – My Reflection…?

Just came back to Waltham, MA (Greater Boston) and finished dealing with some admin work. The AOM conference was great and I met so many nice folks there. Anyway, there were so many people…! How about you?

As to our OCIS sessions, the session of “Software Development – Cross-Cultural Issues and Shared Meaning,” was very interesting. The session included the Caroline Dexter Award paper by Catherine Cramton and Pamera Hinds, ” Intercultural Interaction in Distributed Teams: Salience of Adaptations to Cultural Differences.” (see

Aside of the conference sessions, there were parties every nights. Some were hosted by universities and others were hosted by AOM divisions. It was interesting to see that some parties are so popular and others are not. I think that “free drink”, “good food”, and “small room” may be the factors that attract people? I found the following comments from one of the conference participants…what do you think? Go to and find “Academy of Management Report”… I agree some. I want to see cross-division social events too!

Overall, I had a great experience and really enjoyed there. I hope that we have more students from various disciplines and from various countries in the next year’s AOM. We will plan great social events and have a fun there!

Guys, please post your experiences.




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  1. Yukika — Thanks for putting up this post and getting the ball rolling with post-AOM posts. 🙂

    How would you say AOM compared with other conferences you’ve been to?

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