Conference Blogging: Call for Volunteers at Academy of Management

Bumped in hopes of getting more volunteers for the AOM conference… 🙂

Okay, here’s the deal. One of the services we can provide each other as doctoral students is to extend the conference attendance experience to those who either can’t make it to a conference or can’t attend all of the sessions they’d like. So, here’s what I’m proposing:

How about a volunteer effort to write up brief summaries of conference sessions?

We’ve got enough time to get organized for Academy of Management. If it works well at AOM, we can try it out for other conferences, too. [I’d definitely like to target ICIS in December.] Now, AOM is a huge conference, so as a starting point I propose we focus on covering as many of the sessions in the OCIS track as possible. Of course, any other sessions someone can post a summary on here–well, the more the merrier!

If there is an Internet connection in the conference rooms (a big if) and if you have a laptop then it might be possible to pull off live-blogging. Far more likely, what’s involved is taking notes during a session and spending 20-30 minutes to organize and prepare a post at this blog… the sooner the better after the session (e.g., later that day or next morning?).

What do you think? Does it sound like a good idea? Are you willing to help out?

Here are volunteer roles we’ll need help with…

1. Conference attendees: one volunteer per session who agrees to write up something about the papers (or the panel, etc.) covered in a session and post it to the blog (preferably on the same day as the session).

2. Probably, but doesn’t have to be, an attendee: A coordinator to keep track of who volunteers to cover what sessions.

3. Someone close to a computer Aug 6-8… probably better if not an attendee: An editor who can help organize a “master post” with pointers to individual summaries.

Add a comment below if you’re willing to give this a try.


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  1. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the AOM conference because I will be presenting a paper at AMCIS in Colorado a few days later (conferences are expensive – an understatement for doc students). However, I’m willing to take on role #3 (editor who can help organize a “master post” with pointers to individual summaries). Just lemme know.

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