AOM Tips Wanted…!

Hello everyone,

I was surfing (or reading, yes) the AOM 2007 program…there are so many attractive sessions…! Time conflict is one of the problems in this kind of a big conference. One of my friends told me I need to create a very organized schedule to attend all sessions (and presentations) I want to go. I am wondering how you guys manage to attend the sessions you are really interested in… Do you have any tips?

Also, if you have any tips that are helpful for us to successfully spend the time in AOM, can you pleas share with us?






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  1. Yukika — One way of thinking about it is balancing your time between seeking out new things you might be interested in started to research (“exploration”) and seeing what other people are doing in areas closest to what you are already studying (“exploitation”).

    Another thing to consider is what kind of balance you want on session among divisions. AOM offers such a wide variety of presentations, you can attend very interesting (and sometimes thought-provoking) sessions far afield from our own work.

    On the other hand, those aren’t necessarily the colleagues we’re trying to “talk to” with our own research (and vice versa) so that can limit the utility.

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