Academy of Management Conference: Budget Travel Questions

For those who might be still be making travel plans, I’ve got some questions I’m hoping someone can answer…

1. Has anyone figured out if there are inexpensive hotel options within walking distance of the conference location? Or, anything with easy transportation options?

2. If you are flying into the airport, what’s the least expensive way to get to the conference hotels?

3. If you are coming by train, what’s the least expensive way to get to the conference hotels?


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  1. I don’t know about the hotel situation, but the easiest way to get to the conference hotels is by train or subway.

    If you are arriving at the airport, first, my condolences. Heh. Just kidding. (Sort of.) Anyway, you can catch the Septa Regional Rail train directly from the airport. This is the R1 line, and you should get off at Market East Station. That will leave you right underneath the Convention Center; follow the signs to Market Street. The hotels are right there–very convenient.

    The fare is $8 on the rare occasions the ticket machine works, or $9 if you buy your ticket directly on the train. Still much cheaper than a cab, which costs a flat rate of $25 (plus tip, of course).

    If you are arriving by train, at 30th Street Station follow the signs directing you to the Septa subway system. You’ll need to exit the station and cross the street, but it’s fairly well marked. Take the Blue line (Market Street Line) eastbound, towards Fairmount. If the announcer says “69th Street Train,” you’re going the wrong way.

    Your best bet is probably to get off at 13th Street, which is just two stops from the train station. You could also get off at 15th Street (City Hall) without much inconvenience. If you miss your stop, the next one is 11th Street, so unless you’re overloaded with luggage it’s not a big deal. Everything’s pretty close together in that area.

    Tokens cost $1.30 each, and are for sale both in vending machines and at the ticket window.

    Hope that helps!

  2. You’re a lifesaver Dawn! I’m actually sending to the printer a blog comment for the first time in my life – and I’m printing yours!

  3. Heres a link with some information on hotels in the area..

    You may find good deals for hotels in the university city area which is not really walkable distance but just a short train ride from the conference center.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Thank you Dawn and Tanvi, this is quite helpful info.

  5. Dawn — How long would you say the Septa subway takes from the airport to downtown?

  6. It takes about half an hour, depending on which terminal you arrive at.

    You can check the schedule online or download PDFs from the Septa web site I just linked (R1/Airport). Looks as though the trains run about every half hour, weekends included.

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