Funny video – Restart WWW?

Hello all,

Check out the following video. It is hilarieous…?! What do you think? I would like to have your technical and non-technical opinion…




5 Responses

  1. I hope it won’t really happen. That will have a negative impact on the entire world. That means we have to be ready to come back to traditional business methods.

  2. Nice. Be sure to read the news crawl at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Awesome. I love it. Specifically,

    Fax – “an archaic telephone line-based network of low quality printers”

    Quote from a stranded blogger – “I feel like control-alt-deleting myself.”

    Even though it is satirical, it does a nice job portraying just how much we are dependent on and addicted to the Internet. haha.

  4. haha that’s really funny.

    The “web is flat” after Tim, the man behind the global computer crashed, opened more than 35 window applications? It could be the case where a sudden influx of packets heading to the same IP Address that caused the network crash.

    Imagine a gush of water trying to squeeze into a small funnel. The water will definitely overflow and drain the surrounding soil. the soil will be flatten. Proper irrigation is needed…:-)

    Are you guys affected?


  5. This would be a great video to use for an video essay question in an introduction to IS course.

    Show the video and then have students write explain what parts could or could not actually happen.

    Or, for a more advanced course, have students write answers on what would be required to take out a portion of the Internet.

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