About that contest: what happens next?

I feel like a bit of a broken record lately… most of my posts have been about our on-going contest. I promise I’ll be back other topics here soon. 🙂 Meanwhile, an update on what happens next…

1. The extended deadline concluded this past Saturday… on the lucky 7-7-07.

2. This week we’re compiling a list of eligible posts and top comments for each of the prize categories. If you would like to nominate a post or comment, please do. Just send me an email or add your nomination in the comments. Self-nominations are allowed. Please specify which prize category and provide a link to the post or comment.

3. Sometime within the next week we’ll announce the voting period and URL. We’ll have an online poll where you can vote for the prize-winners in several categories.

4. After the conclusion of the voting, we’ll tallying up all the votes and figuring out who the 5 lucky winners are.

5. We’ll announce the winners at the OCIS business meeting at AOM (IIRC, I believe that’s Tuesday evening, maybe 5PM… maybe someone can check the program to confirm?).

Oh, yeah… who is we? In this case, it’s not just the “royal I”… it’s the dedicated contest committee that also includes Rachel Chung and Yukika Awazu.

Any questions?


2 Responses

  1. Since you say 7-7-7 is lucky number, so, can we have another OCIS competition 8-8-8, a date consider very very lucky for the chinese people?

    FYI, Beijing Olympic 2008 starts on 8-8-08. 🙂

  2. Kenny W — Sure, why not? By 8-8-8 I will have “graduated” from the student blog, but I know there’s already ideas floating around for future contests. 🙂

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