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We need your help one last time in the Student Website Participation Contest. This step is perhaps the most fun of all!

Your votes will decide 3 of the 5 winners:

1. The most informative comment,

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Voting is open now through 11:45PM this Saturday, August 4, 2007. Each winner will receive a $150 prize package.

Another category, the most interesting comment, will be selected by the contest administration committee. The final category will be selected via a random drawing from everyone who commented or posted at the site during the contest period (from May 15 to July 7, 2007).

How to Vote

Review finalist comments and finalist posts below and vote here. The free version of SurveyMonkey doesn’t allow embedded HTML… so… be warned, there are no hot links when you’re voting!

Finalist Comments

The first two categories, most informative and most interesting comments, share the same 8 finalists. You can also choose another comment from all those made on any day between May 15, 2007 and July 7, 2007 as a write-in vote. [One exception: any comments by contest administration committee members (Rachel Chung, Yukika Awazu and myself) are ineligible.]

The comments are listed in date order — from least recent to most recent.

Comment by Nick Roberts at  May 28, 11:01 AM  on the post ‘ Project Management Skills? ‘
Comment by Peter Baloh at  Jun 8, 8:29 AM  on the post ‘ AOM, AOM, AOM — part III — OCIS Doctoral Consortium’
Comment by Nick Roberts at  Jun 10, 7:54 PM  on the post ‘ Too many streams of research…’
Comment by Marla at Jun 11, 10:51 AM  on the post ‘ Too many streams of research…’
Comment by David Bray at  Jun 23, 1:45 PM  on the post ‘ What are “Best Practices” for working papers?’
Comment by mike ginn at  Jun 25, 1:54 PM  on the post ‘ Too many streams of research…’
Comment by Carolyn Holton at  Jun 29, 1:55 PM  on the post ‘ Staying atop the relevancy issue…’
Comment by Israr at Jul 5, 11:59 AM  on the post ‘ Top ten signs that you’re an MIS major’

Which do you think is the most informative? Which did you find the most interesting? Vote for your favorites.

Finalist Posts

There are 13 different posts to choose from. They are listed in alphabetic order by post title.

“Open Source, Open Ideas”- A Workshop for Open Source Software Researchers by yeliz2002 on 15 May 2007

AOM, AOM, AOM — part II — accommodation sharing by Peter Baloh on 6 June 2007

Comps by Nick Roberts on 23 May 2007

Congratulations Yukika by Nick Roberts on 29 May 2007

Focusing on dissertation by Israr on 28 May 2007

From Phily to Keystone by Israr on 3 July 2007

How to pick an effective academic parent (aka faculty supervisor)? by jijesh on 28 May 2007

Job market vs research focus by Israr on 28 May 2007

Networked individualism by Israr on 3 July 2007

Post-Comps: It Gets Easier, Right? by Nick Roberts on 26 May 2007

Social Networking by Israr on 3 July 2007

Staying atop the relevancy issue… by Peter Baloh on 28 June 2007

Too many streams of research… by Israr on 10 June 2007

Vote for your favorite.

Thank you for your help in selecting the contest winners.


AOM Tips Wanted…!

Hello everyone,

I was surfing (or reading, yes) the AOM 2007 program…there are so many attractive sessions…! Time conflict is one of the problems in this kind of a big conference. One of my friends told me I need to create a very organized schedule to attend all sessions (and presentations) I want to go. I am wondering how you guys manage to attend the sessions you are really interested in… Do you have any tips?

Also, if you have any tips that are helpful for us to successfully spend the time in AOM, can you pleas share with us?





Promoting Academy of Managment papers

I know self-promotion can be difficult for many of us. So here’s an open invitation:

Are you on the Academy of Management program?

Post a comment and let us know when, where, and the paper title / track. Make a special note if you’ll be doing the actual presenting.

Also, if there’s a session that one of your colleagues is involved in–a fellow graduate student, your advisor, or another research collaborator–or really anything you think would be of special interest to us all, this is a great place to point that out, too.

Planning your Academy of Management Attendance

For those of you who are attending the Academy of Management conference two weeks from now, I have suggested events for your schedule.

First off, if you haven’t found it already, there’s a really helpful interactive program planning tool at the AOM site (see “Create My Program” in top left-hand corner of screen). It lets you browse the program by Division, search by keyword and then create and print your own personalized schedule. It’s really nifty.

Between now and the conference I’ll post in more detail about what OCIS events. Meanwhile, as you are putting together your schedule, let me point out the following items.


OCIS Welcome Session – Saturday, Aug 4, 6PM – 8PM


OCIS Gathering and Welcome – Monday, Aug 6 8AM – 8:30AM

OCIS Keynote – Monday, Aug 6 – 4:10PM – 5:20PM

OCIS Business Meeting – Monday, Aug 6 5:30PM – 6:30PM

OCIS Social Hour – Monday, Aug 6 6:30PM – 8:00PM


OCIS Informal Social Event – Tuesday Aug 7 5:30PM – 10:30PM

Here’s a few brief notes…

– The key events to attend are the Monday afternoon/evening block. I recommend the keynote, business meeting and social. (If you have unavoidable conflicts, attend what you can.)

– If you are in town on Saturday, come to the Welcome reception.

– If you’re awake early on Monday morning, you might score some free food at the Gathering and Welcome. 🙂

– As a “student contingent” we’ll figure out a specific time/location to meet as part of informal Tuesday night social event at Noddinghead Brewery. If you’re in town on Tuesday night, plan on being there!

Academy of Management Conference: Budget Travel Questions

For those who might be still be making travel plans, I’ve got some questions I’m hoping someone can answer…

1. Has anyone figured out if there are inexpensive hotel options within walking distance of the conference location? Or, anything with easy transportation options?

2. If you are flying into the airport, what’s the least expensive way to get to the conference hotels?

3. If you are coming by train, what’s the least expensive way to get to the conference hotels?

Funny video – Restart WWW?

Hello all,

Check out the following video. It is hilarieous…?! What do you think? I would like to have your technical and non-technical opinion…




About that contest: what happens next?

I feel like a bit of a broken record lately… most of my posts have been about our on-going contest. I promise I’ll be back other topics here soon. 🙂 Meanwhile, an update on what happens next…

1. The extended deadline concluded this past Saturday… on the lucky 7-7-07.

2. This week we’re compiling a list of eligible posts and top comments for each of the prize categories. If you would like to nominate a post or comment, please do. Just send me an email or add your nomination in the comments. Self-nominations are allowed. Please specify which prize category and provide a link to the post or comment.

3. Sometime within the next week we’ll announce the voting period and URL. We’ll have an online poll where you can vote for the prize-winners in several categories.

4. After the conclusion of the voting, we’ll tallying up all the votes and figuring out who the 5 lucky winners are.

5. We’ll announce the winners at the OCIS business meeting at AOM (IIRC, I believe that’s Tuesday evening, maybe 5PM… maybe someone can check the program to confirm?).

Oh, yeah… who is we? In this case, it’s not just the “royal I”… it’s the dedicated contest committee that also includes Rachel Chung and Yukika Awazu.

Any questions?