Top Ten Reasons to Write on This Blog (and Top Ten Myths about Blogging)

What’s the point of writing on this blog? And, why do you hesitate to write on this blog? Here I’d like to offer some reasons and debunk some myths. These are incomplete lists (less than ten for each list) so please feel free to write on!

1. it’s fun

2. people automatically think you are smarter than you are just because you’ve written something

3. you don’t know what you think until you write it.

4. writing is good practice

5. its a way to continue interacting with colleagues in between conferences

6. it’s a way to make new friends in the same field

[To be continued …]

Myths Debunked

1. Myth: What you write will be used against you

Reality: You’re just as likely to leave a good impression for future employers

2. Myth: Saying something bad/stupid/silly on a blog permanently scars your career

Reality: Treat a blog as an public forum, just as you would be asking or answering a question at a conference. Trust that your colleagues (present and future) will treat information in context.

3. Myth: Time spent on the blog is time wasted: it’s better to write your dissertation, work on a paper, or prepare for class

Reality: You’re going to waste time on the Internet, socializing with friends, or staring out the window anyway. Blogging is also a way to organize thoughts and to write concisely.

4. Myth: Blogging is pointless.

Reality: See above.

[To be continued …]


5 Responses

  1. Blogging is like other things that require critical mass. More the people contribute to it more each individual derive value out of it.

    I think OCIS networking site has achieved critical mass already…

  2. Shown below are suggestions that might help improve this blog:

    * Enlarge font size to ease viewing
    * Reduce white space with pictures or other colors etc
    * Install WYSWYG plugin for wordpress

    Example of ways to redirect traffics to this site:

    * Create your own AOM.OCIS weblogo, and ask fellow members to add this logo on their respective blog
    * Post links in IS E-forums / E-Communities
    * Organize creative competitions from time to time
    * Wear AOM.OCIS T-shirt at IS conferences etc etc….

  3. Kenny W — Thank you for those very helpful suggestions.

    Please email me ( if you are willing to volunteer some time to help out with any of that (e.g., CSS changes for fonts/WYSWYG plugin, logo). [This is an open invitation to anyone with those skills, inclination, and/or time available. This blog belongs to all of us.]

    We’ve been advertising the group primarily via the ISWORLD, OCISNET, and STUDENT-L mailing lists. I’d love to hear suggestions on other e-forums / e-communities useful to plug the blog at.

    I like the logo / competition / t-shirt ideas. There’s some definite possibilities there.

    I’ve handed out a lot of cards with the website address on them at past conferences–t-shirts are a great idea.

  4. Hi Steven,

    Let me chip in my 2 cents; One cent for each situation: (i); (ii)

    Situation 1:

    If OCIS has paid $15/year to to use the css functions, then I am sure we can edit the style.css file freely. Since you are using ‘Silver is the New Black’ CSS, and if you want to change the font size of this template, please follow these steps:

    Step 1: Go to line 27 at style.css, and you will see: p, li, .feedback { font: 11px “Lucida Sans Unicode”, “Trebuchet MS”, Verdana, monospace; }

    Step 2: Change ‘11px’ to ‘13px’; doing as such, it will enlarge the font-size of the blog posts and comments for easier viewing. To see an example effect from this change, please go to

    Situation 2:

    To reduce recurring expenses ($15/year), I would suggest that we migrate from the existing to


    1. With OCIS blog under the subdomain of, it does not only reinforce the brand name identity between OCIS and AOM, but also gives the users a sense of trust and security when they use the OCIS blog.

    2. Installation and migration is quite straight forward. Once you have installed the worpress blog into (provided you have the MySQL’s username and password access), you can proceed to ‘export’ function at ‘manage export’ to produce a saved XML file from and then upload it to database.

    3. This installation comes with all the PHP and CSS files etc; You can install add-on WYSIWYG editors, themes, and other functions in the system.

    Strategically, in the long run, it is advisable to have the OCIS blog embedded into the because it does not only gives you the abovementioned benefits, but also it will help OCIS to market itself in the ISWorld, and at the same time, it can be used as an examplary system to demostrate the effects of blogging in the ISCommunities. Other issues such as logo, competition and T-shirt ideas will fall into the areas of marketing and attracting webtraffics. In the world of Blogsphere, it is all about ‘effective web communication’ using the right enabling IS system to produce maximum return on relationships and return on investments

    I think what you have done so far is very good! Let me know if there is anything else that I can help.

    Kenny Wong Meng Seng

  5. Hi Steven,

    I tried to post my message a couple of times but I am getting this message “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”.

    To resolve this problem, please goto Site Admin-> Comments -> Akismet Spam, and de-spam my message. My original message will appear after that.


    Kenny Wong Meng Seng

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