In the final stretch…

Our web participation contest is entering the final stretch. Act fast–there are mere days remaining to put up that post you’ve been meaning to write. Right now is a great time to catch up with reading and replying to comments, too.

The participation statistics have crept up some since mid-month–still, I’d bet that at least one of the contest winners is yet to be posted!

Status Update – as of Monday, June 11 

  • So far there are five participants eligible for the two “posting” prize categories.
  • So far there have been about 120 comments with 13 participants eligible in the “comments” and “random drawing” categories.
  • So far there are 14 participants who have created WordPress accounts, even more who have requested accounts, and even more who have subscribed to the blog!

Good luck to everyone in the contest.


2 Responses

  1. Who is the target audience for this blog? Is is just students or are junior faculty, others, etc. welcome to participate?

  2. The target audience for this blog is doctoral students in social sciences with an interest in organizational communication, information systems or related fields. Junior faculty, those who are thinking about applying to doctoral programs and others are also welcome to participate. There’s a lot we can learn from each other.

    For the (soon to be completed) contest, only people who are eligible for student membership in the Academy of Management are eligible to win the contest prizes.

    Still, even if you doesn’t fit the contest eligibility requirements, if you you have something you’d like to contribute, we welcome any constructive participation!

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