Oh, yeah, that contest whatchamacallit?

Yes, indeed our contest continues!

The OCIS Student Website Contest continues. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has already participated and a giant WELCOME to those now joining.


  • The contest is over halfway over. There are three weeks remaining until the June 30, 2007 deadline.

Today’s Tips

  • Invite your (doctoral student) friends. When we hit the next phase of this contest we’re have nominations and then voting for the best content. Invite your colleagues to participate now–the more participants we have, the better the selection process will work.
  • Post and comment. Remember, three of the most frequent posters on this site–myself, Rachel, and Yukika all serve on the contest committee. We’re not eligible to win any of the five prizes.  When you look at statistics below you’ll see the best way to increase your chance to win a prize is to post an entry. Yes, it is a little more work compared to writing a comment, yet with fewer people posting entries your odds of winning are higher.

Status Update – as of Monday, June 11 

  • So far there are five participants eligible for the two “posting” prize categories.
  • So far there have been about 120 comments with 13 participants eligible in the “comments” and “random drawing” categories.
  • So far there are 14 participants who have created WordPress accounts, even more who have requested accounts, and even more who have subscribed to the blog!

Good luck to everyone in the contest.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Steven,

    This might be silly question but let me ask.

    How I can invite my friends to this network site. Is there a way of sending the links to my friends or should I simply forward the daily feeds to them…

    Thank you

  2. Israr — Thanks for the question.

    You could forward them a copy of the original announcement from ISWORLD/OCISNET or you might try an email that looks something like this:

    There’s a contest going on at the OCIS student website I want to make sure you know about. If you participate at the website in the next 3 weeks you have a decent shot at winning 1 of 5 prizes worth $150 each.

    See this link for more detail: https://ocis.wordpress.com/2007/06/11/oh-yeah-that-contest-whatchamacallit/

  3. […] the final stretch… Filed under: OCIS — Steven L. Johnson @ 8:03 pm Our web participation contest is entering the final stretch. Act fast–there are mere days remaining to put up that post […]

  4. […] @ 8:59 pm I feel like a bit of a broken record lately… most of my posts have been about our on-going contest. I promise I’ll be back other topics here soon. Meanwhile, an update on what happens […]

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