What videos do you use for teaching?


(graphic from Warriors of the Net)

In the era of YouTube, the number of videos available on the Internet is intimidating. Whereas finding a relevant video available for teaching used to be a challenge, I find myself facing the opposite problem – how do I sift through the many video sites and identify the best ones to show in limited and valuable classroom time?

One of my favorites is Warriors of the Net. It is engaging and at just the right level for non-IT majors. I think I like it a lot because it makes a very technical and potentially dull topic (i.e., all the technical parts – proxy servers, packets, IPs – that make Internet work) interesting and easy to understand, and provides a non-threatening environment for learning.

Another video I like is Revolution OS. The documentary is a great way to introduce the students to opensource and to see the opensource culture in action.

What videos do you like to use for teaching?


2 Responses

  1. This video isn’t exactly IT-related, but when I’ve taught IT project management I’ve used the Tacoma Narrows bridge disaster video. It’s a nice example of yet another project failure. I also like the fact that a picture of the bridge collapse opens the “Plan to Throw One Away” chapter of Frederick Brooks’ book The Mythical Man-Month.

  2. Hi Nick,

    thanks for the video. It’s very dramatic!

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