AOM, AOM, AOM — part III — OCIS Doctoral Consortium

Congratulations on being accepted to the 2007 OCIS Doctoral Consortium!!!

I want to invite those who have been accepted to this year’s Consortium here! A brief introduction, questions,…any comments are very welcome. I also want to invite senior students who attended the past Consortium. Please post comments if anything you may want to share with us!

Thanks much,



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  1. Hello ! I am a third year MIS student at the University of Houston. I’m quite excited about the consortium, and about seeing Philly 🙂

  2. Hi Yukika and Lakshmi,

    Congratulations! You should be really proud about the acceptance! It’s a great honor! I attended the consortium last year and it was a very rewarding experience. If you have any specific questions, I would be more than happy to answer them – or at least give them a try!

    Rachel Chung

  3. Hi! I’m starting my fourth (and hopefully final) year in mass media and communication at Temple University. My main areas of teaching and research are organizational communication and public relations, especially the interrelationships between organizations, media and public policy.

    I can’t wait to meet everyone! See the comments thread on the post below, where you’re welcome to ask me questions about Philadelphia. I love this city and I hope you all enjoy your time here.

  4. Hi Dawn, you are also on the consortium this year? Congratulations! Thank you for your warm welcome! I can’t wait to visit Philly!

  5. Hey Rachel, how prepared would recommend us going? Also, could you maybe give a really brief idea about how things are structured over the two days at the consortium ?

  6. Lakshmi,
    I attended ECIS 2006 doctoral consortium and you definetly need to prepare very well.
    At ECIS we got all the materials in advance, and needed to go through all the research proposals, in order to be able to take constructive part in the debate that follows your ‘front’ presentation.
    The input I got was invaluable and I am truely looking forward to the consortium.

    As far as presentation is concerned, I found it good to just briefly go through the presentation (give the ‘good’ stuff), and than talk about the issues you are currently facing, and ask for advice…

    You also learn a lot from participating actively in everybodyelses’ discussion, obviously…

  7. Thanks Peter! Approximately how long did your presentation have to be ?

  8. Thanks! – Peter, Lakshmi, and Dawn!

    Hello, Hello, any other students??

  9. Hi Goel,

    Thanks for the questions. They are great and I’m going to start a new post to share last year’s agenda.

  10. Can’t remember, think 15-20 mins… discussion is the valuable part…

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