Congratulations Yukika

Congratulations Yukika on being elected the next OCIS Student Rep at Large!


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  1. Nick, Thanks! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Yukika. For those who might be curious, here’s the full announcement from OCISNET:

    Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 11:59:48 -0700
    Reply-To: “Majchrzak, Ann”
    Sender: OCIS Division Discussion List
    From: “Majchrzak, Ann”
    Subject: FW: OCIS Election Results are In!
    Comments: cc: Ann Majchrzak
    Content-type: multipart/alternative;

    The results for the OCIS Membership that rotates in starting August 2007
    are in! I’d first like to thank the OCIS Nominations Committee who put
    in much of their personal time to identify an excellent slate of OCIS
    members to run in this year’s election: Manju Ahuja, Ashley Braganza,
    Alex Lopes, and Mani Subramani. Please join me in thanking them for
    their support of OCIS! Thanks in part to their efforts and your
    willingness to vote, we had 31% of our membership vote this year which
    is a great number!

    One last thing, just because we now have new people elected, doesn’t
    mean you don’t have to do anything! We always need people to help
    strengthen the OCIS Community. Please offer to help so we can get to
    know more of the membership, serve your needs better, and get you
    engaged in leading our community.

    Now for the results!

    Program Chair Elect: Brian Butler

    Brian is an Associate Professor of Business
    Administration in the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at
    University of Pittsburgh with research interests including the
    development and modeling of online communities, the interplay of power
    and information technology in organizations, and techniques for managing
    and developing complex information systems to support reliable
    organizational and individual performance. He has been a member of the
    OCIS division of the Academy for over 10 years. During that time he has
    actively participated as a reviewer, presenter, and discussant. He also
    attended the OCIS doctoral consortium and junior faculty workshops. In
    the past few years, he supported OCIS by working on the team that
    redesigned the OCIS website and has served as the division’s first CIO
    through August 2007. As program chair elect (and in the subsequent
    leadership roles) Brian has offered to work to build on the solid
    foundation of membership, scholarship, and leadership that exists within
    OCIS to increase our impact in the Academy and the larger academic and
    practitioner communities. Welcome aboard, Brian!

    Treasurer: Traci Carte

    Traci has been a member of the Academy and the OCIS division since 1999,
    enjoying active participation in OCIS through paper presentations,
    session chairing, and reviewing. She has commented that participation in
    OCIS has provided her excellent opportunities to develop her research as
    well as her network, and as a result is keen to provide service to the
    OCIS division in return. She looks forward to the opportunity to work
    with division leadership to help make the division even stronger and
    even more focused on providing value to our members through our website,
    our newsletter, our awards and our annual meeting. Welcome aboard Traci.

    Representative-at-Large : Marie-Claude Boudreau

    Marie-Claude is an assistant professor in the MIS Department of the
    Terry College of Business, University of Georgia. Her research focuses
    on the organizational change induced by information technologies, such
    as integrated software packages and open source software. In her most
    recent work on software packages, she investigated how a human agency
    perspective could explain different types of technology enactments.
    Since joining AoM as a doctoral student, she has been a member of the
    OCIS division and has attended and participated in many of the Academy’s
    conferences including participating in the OCIS junior faculty workshop
    in 2001. She is a strong believer in this community and eager to
    contribute to its further development.

    Student Rep at Large: Yukika Awazu

    Yukika is a doctoral student at Elkin B. McCallum Graduate School of
    Business at Bentley College, where she is serving as an inaugural Henry
    E. Rauch Doctoral Fellow. Her research interest is how communications in
    organizations will be shaped in dynamically changing environments.
    Specifically, her research focuses on how innovation projects can be
    conducted in contexts where expertise, location, culture, time,
    language, and situation are distributed, via Information and
    Communication Technologies (ICTs). She joined Bentley in Fall, 2006 and
    became a student member of OCIS division. Before starting a Ph.D.
    program, she worked as a researcher and consultant in the area of
    information and knowledge management. Through her business and research
    engagements, she saw that global projects, composed of members who do
    not have shared experiences and cultures, turned to be very successful
    or disastrous and became very interested in studying it scientifically.
    She had chances to work with senior executives and academic researchers
    who have interdisciplinary background and learned from them how to study
    the real-world phenomenon from interdisciplinary views. OCIS is a
    division where interdisciplinary researchers share their interests and
    contribute their knowledge. I would be very much interested in engaging
    the OCIS community. She received a Bachelor of Political Studies degree
    from Gakushuin University in Tokyo, and earned both an M.A. in Economics
    and an M.B.A from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has
    published several articles in business/academic journals in Information
    Systems, Information Management, and Knowledge Management. Yukika
    strongly believes that it is important to build communities of doctoral
    students where they can share their information and knowledge
    effectively and efficiently. This is important because doctoral
    students, as future faculty members, need to have place where they learn
    how to contribute to scientific community. Currently, thanks to the
    current student representatives, the size of OCIS doctoral students is
    growing and beginning to share/exchange information. The next step would
    be how we can increase the mass and quality of information and knowledge
    exchanged. Also, aligning the purpose of the doctoral community with
    that of an upper division would be important. Communities are living
    creatures that are constantly evolving. Welcome aboard, Yukika.

    This is my last official act for OCIS. So thank you for entrusting me to serve you, and I look forward to stepping back and watching all of you take over and make the Division the best in the Academy!

    Ann Majchrzak, Chair of the OCIS 2007 Elections and Past Division Chair

  3. Yukika, thank you so much for serving our community. I’m sure OCIS students will be grateful for the service you will provide!

  4. Excellent news, congratulations Yukika …

  5. hi Peter, are you new to the blog? Welcome!

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