Job market vs research focus

I am observing trend of IS/IT job market since last couple of years and it appears that job market for MIS academics is declining (or at-least not growing) in North America. At the same time one can see the growing trend of hiring MIS professors in Asia and other place outside the North America. However, those schools appears less research oriented and some of them have research focus that is distinct from what we learn (or aspire to learn ūüôā ) in North American schools.¬† Does any one have any thoughts¬† on this.¬†

How should we  go about targetting global job market?

Should we take  broader approach to research  paradigms? 

Should we keep healthy balance between technological and social aspects of IT/IS research?

 Please convey your thoughts on these and other related issues.


2 Responses

  1. Dear Israr,

    Thanks for posting these great questions! They are thought provoking and not very easy to answer. However, it does get my thinking going. I’m not sure if I can provide concrete answers. But your throwing the questions out is already a great service for our community. Thanks for taking the initiative! I’m anxious to see what the great minds of our community have to say about this topic!

  2. Great article. We have multiple Postdoc and Postmaster positions open at the ORNL for educational opportunties.

    See open positions at:

    Brad Parish, PHR
    Program Manager, ORNL Postdoctoral Recruitment
    Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
    phone: 865-576-2311
    fax: 865-576-0287

    U.S. Department of Energy’s
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    P.O. Box 2008
    Building 5100, MS-6173
    Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6173

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