Focusing on dissertation

How to stay focus on your Thesis work and at the same time also preparing manuscript for publication and attending to R&R? Do you allot some specific time slots (days, weeks) for each of these activities? Or do you attend to them as and when they come? Does a revise and resubmit disrupt your progress on thesis front?  In short how you multi-task and try to attend balance between various demands on your time?


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  1. Israr — This is a good question. First of all, if you have an R&R to work on, that’s a good problem to have! The same things goes for having manuscripts ready for submission to quality journals.

    In both cases, this speaks to the benefit doing a stream of research in related issues. If your dissertation and that article you need to pick up for the R&R are on the same phenomenon, share similar theories, or use complementary methods, then the cognitive burden of switching between them is not so great. In fact, there is synergy that may help both projects.

    On the other hand, if you are doing an R&R on a positivist survey on IS strategy in ERP adoption as a break from your interpretist case study on communication genres in mobile computing… well, in that case, get ready for some disruption!

  2. Thank you Steven for your insightful comments. I think time management and setting up priorities are very important in managing progress in PhD program.

    Sometime it is very difficult to say no to some projects because either you really enjoy the topic or you enjoy the collaboration with the person who proposed the project.

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