Post-Comps: It Gets Easier, Right?

This post is something of a follow-up to my Comps post. For those of you who have passed comprehensive exams, how would you describe life after comps? Did you feel relieved or more anxious? Post-comps life is easier, right? 🙂


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  1. Hi Nick,

    The best thing about post-comps is no more worries about classes. But there are lots of other worries – pubs, dissertation, data collection, etc.

    To me, the biggest change is no more preimposed structure on my life. That’s lots of freedom, comfort and endless amount of time to spend on your dissertation – or your other favorite things.

    However, it also is a great test of character and discipline. It is SOOO easy to go through a whole semester and get nothing done (at least in my case ….) Perhaps we can have a separate posting that addresses time and productivity management …. I’m really curious as to how people impose discipline, deadlines and targets on themselves. All those great project management skills/tools don’t seem to matter when it comes to self procrastination …. hehe 🙂

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