Remember that contest thingamajig?

Yes, indeed there is a contest underway!

The OCIS Student Blog Contest is off to a fine start. We had a strong response to the announcements on the STUDENT-L, OCISNET, and ISWORD mailing lists.


  • The first two weeks of the OCIS Student Blog Contest are almost over. There are five weeks remaining until the June 30, 2007 deadline.

Today’s Tip

  • You might not realize the three most frequent posters on this site–myself, Rachel, and Yukika all serve on the contest committee. We are not eligible to win any of the five prizes.  That means the best way to increase you chance to win is to post an entry. Yes, it is a little more work–compared to writing a comment–yet with fewer people posting entries your odds of winning are higher.

Status Update – as of Friday, May 25

  • So far there are two participants eligible for the two “posting” prize categories.
  • So far there are six participants eligible in the “comments” and “random drawing” categories.
  • So far there are nine participants who have created WordPress accounts, even more who have requested accounts, and even more who have subscribed to the blog!

Best wishes to everyone here in the United States for a safe and relaxed long holiday weekend. Everyone else around the world–hey, wouldn’t this be a great weekend to go ahead and write a post?  🙂


2 Responses

  1. What? I’m not eligible??? Are you kidding me Steven? [Sobbing ….] Who made those silly rules????

  2. Yes, have a nice and relaxed holiday weekend, everyone!

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