Conference Reminder: HICSS submissions due in about 2 weeks

Aloha fellow doctoral students,

The submission deadline for HICSS 2008, to be held from January 7-10, 2008, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is fast approaching. Please find the submission guidlines at:

Submissions are due June 15, 2007, which is just a little more than two weeks from today.

Oh, and sign yourself up as a reviewer, if you are interested )


4 Responses

  1. Has anyone been to HICSS? If so, do you mind sharing your experience?

  2. That’s a very good question Nick! I heard that since there’s not a job market at HICSS, few grad students go. Besides, it’s also pretty cost prohibitive for students from schools where travel funds are limited. Therefore I also wonder how many students have actually attended HICSS. I personally know two (out of the fifteen or so that I know here at Katz).

  3. Hi. I have been to HICCS before (in Jan. 2006). It is a good place to go but it is very expensive (hotel + airfare).

  4. Thank you Kevin for sharing your experience. Could you say a little more about HICSS? Is a Hawaii shirt required for all presenters? – just kidding 🙂

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