[Insider Secret] Embedding Pretty Images in WordPress Posting

[Note: Postings about how to use WordPress like this one are much needed – They also make you eligible for the blogging contest! So share your secrets now!] 

I used to wonder how other smart authors dressed up their WordPress postings with pretty photo pictures. I didn’t want to upload photos to WordPress and consume my precious 50MB free storage space. But all my attempts to embed linked images always failed miserably. 😦

Today I made a major breakthrough in my WordPress research project and solved this mystery that had bothered me for more than a month! Here’s my research findings with respect to embedding links to Flickr images:

(1) Insert/Edit Images using the green icon available in the Visual Editor: Caution! Image URL must point to a Flickr *Image Farm* address, and not a Flickr account address.Example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rachelchung/434554080/ (WRONG!!!!)

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/173/434554080_c8858bc209.jpg?v=0 (CORRECT!!!)

To copy the appropriate Flickr Farm address, right click the Flickr image and choose Copy Image Location.

Step 1.1

And then paste the copied address into the Image URL (i.e., the first field) of the Insert/Edit Images dialogue box after the green Insert/Edit Images icon is clicked.

( 2) Make the image clickable: Note, this time it’s the opposite! Pointing to a Flickr account address as opposed to a Flickr *Image Farm* address brings the user to the Flickr site (if that’s the desired outcome) as opposed to just the farm image.

Example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rachelchung/434554080/ (Correct)

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/173/434554080_c8858bc209.jpg?v=0 (Will bring up the farm image only, and will not bring the user to the Flickr site)

To copy the appropriate Flickr site address, right click the Flickr image and choose Copy Link Location.

Step 1.1

And finally, select the embedded image in the WordPress Visual Editor and click the Insert/Edit Link icon available in the WordPress Visual Editor. Paste the copied address into the Link URL field (the first field) of the Insert/Edit Link dialogue box.

Step 2

[My Confession]

I hope this is clear. Maybe all I have done is confuse you even more!!!

Alas, I tried my best! If you have ideas about how to make this set of instructions clearer, please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to implement your suggestion.

Now all I hope is to have the same ground-breaking, earth-shattering breakthrough in my dissertation project!!


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  2. Rachel, the easiest way to insert image in wordpress it to code directly into the WP editor using HTMl.
    Check this result out here:

  3. Hi Jijesh,

    Thank you for the tip! I checked out your blog and it’s impressive! I love the color scheme! It’s very sharp!

    However I’m not sure if I understand why coding is easier than using the visual editor … maybe I’m just lazy!


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