What’s your favorite conference souvenir?

Figure 1. The “Fetish Bear”

It appears to me that many conferences make it easy for the participants to take home souvenirs. There is the time-tested craft of T-shirt making. And mugs of course are always popular with the mug collectors. My favorite conference moment comes when I get to find out what I get from ICIS – Being the Santa Claus of all conferences, ICIS gives away souvenirs to all participants, making the conference the most desirable destination for die-hard tourist participants like me!

If you have attended ICIS in the past, what is your favorite souvenir? Mine is the “Fetish Bear” statue from ICIS 2005 held in Las Vegas (see Figure 1 above). It is artistic, unique, and always sitting on my desk reminding me of the fun we had in Venetian. The inner tourist of me is always wondering what’s going to be the free souvenir from ICIS this year. Is it going to be a bottle of Canadian maple syrup? A Canadin flag? A maple leave? My dream souvenir would be a Cirque du Soleil ticket …. or at least a Cirque du Soleil DVD! (I hope the ICIS 2007 committee is reading this….) How about you? What do you want to get?

And please, please no more black backpacks and laptop totes!


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