End of Semester!


I have just finished the spring semester… It was so fast. The summer is coming and it seems like that I have “a plenty of time” to do some works… or not?

Anyway, how was your semester?




4 Responses

  1. Congratulations on finishing up the semester (year!). That’s exciting.

    Since advancing to candidacy, my sense of “semesters” has grown a little weaker. I don’t have the same relief when they are done. If anything there’s more of a sense of growing pressure at the end of the semester marks the passage of yet more time that I need to move myself closer to graduating. 🙂

    The summer does bring a break from as many departmental meetings, seminars, and the class I’ve been auditing. As you say, plenty of time to move all those research projects forward…

  2. Hi Yukika,
    I can feel your relief! Like Steven, the semesters don’t mean as much to me anymore, although the end of the spring semester does mean something this year. I need to get ready for summer teaching! Yikes!

  3. Thanks, Rachel and Steven. Have a great (but busy busy) summer!

  4. End of semester is like one door closes another door opens; in other words, it’s like the cause and effect of semester chain. lol

    Anyway, enjoy your summer holiday. =)

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